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To Remember.

Drawn to record the emotions and nostalgia associated with favorite places and things, I believe that there is responsibility with many of the events in our lives. Perhaps it is to share beauty: causing it to multiply; or to give comfort and empathy, encouraging others to overcome. This quest, provides the energy and drive to my painting.   

Each still life piece, landscape portrait, and even an abstract expression, recall the beautiful, the good, and things learned. 

Even though there may be several involved or present, not all will take with them the same perception or resolve.  Thus, I prefer to use a palette that includes a good dose of feminine pastel colors to portray how I see the own version of rose colored glasses. 

Throughout my life, artists have lifted my soul, altering my journey and view.  Some of these include: Wayne Thiebaud, Minerva Teichert, Katie Wyatt, Marc Chagall, Paul Cezanne, & Rebecca Weller.