currently enrolling - the candy colored club: art biz membership

the candy colored club: all biz for your art! (billed annually)

the candy colored club: all biz for your art! (billed annually)

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*** this is the pricing for an annual membership (15% off)

come join us in the candy colored club!

learn - be inspired - grow - find friendship with like-minded creatives!

THIS is what i wish i'd had all these years: a membership for creative entrepreneurs wanting to step up their biz game! everything i've learned in my art biz has taken so much time and tears's a wild ride! lean on my years selling artwork & products, running an online gallery, working with galleries, doing art markets and shows, marketing, social media, etc. etc. 

i know your life is busy and full already. you're juggling so many things.

instead of an intense 6-12 week course -- each month you'll receive a topic with actionable items to improve...right where you are in your biz. we'll get together in an online meeting once a month to discuss how you're doing with your topic, encourage, and help each other as a community.

small choices + small steps => giving you real results...

and all the support you need to do it...amidst all your other life commitments.

some of the topics we'll be covering:

  • amplifying your website
  • all things email list
  • making commissions easier
  • the best revenue streams for your work
  • where to sell your unique work
  • your ideal collector
  • marketing strategies for your art
  • pricing your work (and when to raise your prices)
  • packing & shipping hacks
  • working with galleries & museums
  • maximizing at shows & markets
  • serving on social media
  • getting press for your work!

enrollment will be closing in august. 

after signing up, you'll receive a questionnaire to help us serve you better each month. there is also a place for you to leave questions or suggest topics you'd like to cover first. we're here for you & can't wait to help you...& get to know you and your goodness better!

you'll be charged annually for your artist membership. cancel at any time. (enrollment will be reopened next season)

feel free to email katrina with any questions:

some FAQs for you:

1. I have so much on my plate, will i have time? Absolutely! One lesson/theme each month with actionable items to work on (you'll have a month to work on your part and can ask questions throughout the month in our closed facebook group, or send them in to be addressed at our live online chat with the group at the end of the month).

2. I have young children, am I a good candidate? Again, yes! I have found so much growth in my professional and personal life being a mother and artist. The time constraints have helped me focus on my work & biz, and a few priorities at a time. This is the perfect time for you to make small changes & create good habits...keep your priorities on your little ones & spouse, but also make time for your work. 

3. I'd love to, but how do I justify the cost? Oh I hear ya! If I'd known I could give up one dinner & a movie each month to invest and see myself get HERE faster...I would have. It's hard not having that crystal ball ;) Even without it, can you imagine where you'll be with a small investment each month? The possibilities are endless!

4. I don't have a website yet, is that a problem? No, not at all! The beauty of the membership is the ability to focus on member needs. The gals that are already in there are doing some pre-work before we start the first week of September. I can make sure to cover topics you are struggling with early on instead of waiting for chapter or module 11 lol. These gals are currently working on their "biz bucket list" and are sending me the top things they want to work on first and areas they're struggling with most. There will be areas of your business to improve no matter where you are in your career. 

5. How big will the group be? I've been a part of large art groups & small ones...I definitely prefer those smaller. The facebook group and online meetings will be available to the whole group, but I'll assign you a pod of 4 to 6 people so you can have a team behind you (nearest to you geographically as possible) and you'll be able to form deeper connections. Invite a friend to be a part of our membership and let me know, so I can put you together in a pod. There are some amazing ladies already in the Club who I know you will love and learn so much from their experiences!