floral oil paintings

original oil flower paintings to brighten your day. floral paintings that never fade, droop...and won't ever trigger the allergies. named after favorite songs and singers. sometimes it's simply floral art, other times i like to hide birds and other things to remind us of those we love and the sweetest memories with them. they're also there to remind us that we're not alone and that there are angels watching over us each day.

each piece is created with so much oil paint, using brushes and palette knives. CANDYcolored oil paint that is protected with varnish to ensure it shines like stained glass for years to come.

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here are links to my latest playlists that inspired the titles of my original oil paintings: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, french

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a colorful jamboree | floral artist's paintings

i’ve always been drawn to all the colors! when asked to choose my favorite color as a young child, i had a very hard time deciding! you’ll find that many of my pieces are simply a jamboree of color. this color explosion can be so powerful, evoking happiness & joy. it can remind us of sweet memories during hard times. when times are tough, i’ve found so much solace in creating floral paintings.

may these colorful floral oil paintings bring you joy and comfort when times are rough. choose a modern floral painting with all of your favorite colors...let’s make sure not one color is left out! and if for some reason any of your favorite colors are missing, reach out through my commission page. let’s create a floral painting in oil that includes all your favorite colors! once we review your ideas...i’ll send the floral paintings images before i start adding the jamboree of color.  

modern floral paintings that shine

i’m often asked how i get my paintings so shiny! let’s start with the materials. i prefer to paint on wood! i originally started creating my floral paintings on canvas...but i quickly learned that i love the smooth, sturdy surface of a wood panel. i use a catalyst wedge to carefully prepare the wood with gesso...applying it as smooth as possible. 

once my wood surface is ready, i start to add the oil paint with brush and palette knife. like other floral artist’s paintings, i use these tools to build up my thick oil paint. this impasto oil painting technique is created with oil-based paint alone. instead of using mediums to thicken the paint, i’m just using paint...and a lot of it! winsor newton artisan oil paints are my paint of choice...a water mixable oil paint. the clean up doesn’t require solvents like turpenoid or turpentine. water mixable oils have been great for my family of 7...where many of us have chemical sensitivities -- and i paint right in our home! 

my floral paintings in oil glisten, giving the look of stained-glass. as the light hits each floral oil painting, you can see it’s reflective quality and the color intensifies as well. once dry, i add a coat of varnish to seal the strong colors in the floral painting, ensuring its protection. 

bringing the outdoors...in

trained as a landscape architect, i designed outdoor rooms, taking the cozy outside. now, as an artist living in the beautiful setting of our small mountain town of midway utah, my goal is quite different. as i create these floral paintings in oil, i seek to invite the outdoors inside. my studio is set amidst the fields and wildflowers. beyond our windows, our beautiful state offers flowers & inspiration everywhere. 

a piece of my soul

browse through the floral oil paintings for sale and find one that's right for you or your loved ones. floral art paintings are just one of the subjects i like to paint. You’ll find original oil paintings of animals, landscapes, still life, spiritual paintings, and fun series from my travels as well. 

my floral paintings for sale are a piece of my soul...but my love for color goes beyond floral oil paintings. commission something special...maybe you want your favorite bouquet, wedding arrangement...or a memory of a flower a loved one gave you. we’ll chat and plan a custom oil painting just for you.

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