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welcome to my candy colored studio! bonjour! i'm katrina berg, an oil painter, mother, supporter of women, podcaster, chocolate lover, francophile, and product designer.  

join me in my midway utah studio, where i serve up a palette of support, hope and love, with a side of realness! as a mother of 5 (3 teenagers & 8 year old twins lol!), i know that life is rarely easy and jolly...but savoring the sweet moments gives us the strength we need to find peace, growth, and fulfillment along our journey.


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CANDYcolored studio podcast episode #199: water for life charity gala in heber city, an artist tip on new projects, using empty business spaces in new ways and a red pill with thomas renz & our military

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode #199: water for life charity gala in heber city, an artist tip on new projects, using empty business spaces in new ways and a red pill with thomas renz & our military

everywhere i turn i feel like satan is trying, yet again, to make me “choose a side” or divide from my neighbors, friends & human family as a whole. i’m honestly not sure what to believe on the news these days, but one thing i do know: when there is military conflict we can be assured that people will need help with the basics of food, housing & clean water. “the water for life charity” has been brining clean water throughout the world and seeing amazing changes to villages and families. last month they sent water filtration systems to ukraine and are working to raise 75k to bring 2.25 million gallons of clean water to the people of ukraine. how can you participate?! 

  1. if you’re local, please come to the gala monday june 27th at the summerhouse farms in heber city, utah. to attend you’ll need to purchase a ticket at
  2. for those out of town you can donate online as well as bid on the auction items online (thank you!)

our artist tip of the week will help you navigate the pros and cons of new projects. we’ll also look at some ways that empty business spaces are finding new life with new housing residents and finally, a red pill on recent military data.

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode #198 - jessica libor: artist, coach & creator of the online “luminary artist academy”

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode #198 - jessica libor: artist, coach & creator of the online “luminary artist academy”

it’s been my pleasure recently, to get to know beautiful jessica libor of “the inspired artist” podcast and “luminary artist academy.” her podcast is full of wisdom, positive invitations to manifest the artist life we really desire as well as business tips and inspiring peeks into jessica’s incredible artwork and gallery. hear about her artist journey and the experiences that have influenced her style and subjects. she’ll be leaving soon for a residency in northern france, but before that she is having a special sale (till june 20th) on her comprehensive course “luminary artist academy.” check it out and learn all the things jessica has discovered over the past 10 years that traditional art schools don’t teach. also, sign up to attend her solo show & event in september…it’s going to be unforgettable! 
circle floral art spoonbill finch original oil painting

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode #197: symbolism in latest large floral with birds, an artist tip about perseverance & gumption, a biblical egyptian archeological find, and a red pill in otero county new mexico

what are you grateful for right now?! my latest large circle floral with birds is named after the bing crosby song “i’ve got plenty to be thankful for.” hear about the symbolism for each flower, leaf & bird in the painting. lots to be grateful for and lots to consider in character growth in the “becoming” process. even more, i think the overall theme for my solo show is gradually emerging and that is super exciting to consider too. next up: our artist tip for the week is a delightful and insightful interview of “where women creates” jo packman by “create. every. day” podcaster deanne fitzpatrick. it is an absolute must-listen. find it in your podcast app or listen in my website show notes. a very interesting & possible biblical archeological find and we finish with a red pill about the otero county new mexico county council meeting. so much going on…may you find joy and light in your journey this week, much love!!

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click to listen to the playlists of songs and favorite singers whose songs inspire my work and title my original oil paintings!! there's a playlist of all the french songs, and one for each year from 2018 to the present!

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Testimonials (podcast)

I haven’t had the chance to meet Katrina in person, but listening to her podcast makes me feel like we’re best friends! I listen while I’m in the car or while doing housework - she makes cleaning the kitchen almost enjoyable! Seriously though, she’s like every creative mama’s personal cheerleader! I feel so encouraged and inspired every time I listen.


I love listening to this podcast while creating art. It gives me motivation, and inspiration to continue to create. She has great insight through her work as an artist and offers business tips and advice. You can tell how much she loves to help others while listening to her stories and while she interviews other artists. Thanks Katrina for the great podcast!


This podcast is a huge blessing in my life! I feel like Katrina encourages me, and also supports me in following my dreams as an artist, both from the inspiration side, as well as the practical business side. I love hearing how she makes time to create amongst raising kids, and helps her family pursue their passions. Katrina is so sweet and compassionate. She makes everyone feel valued as a person and artist.


Katrina has wonderful insight into the life of an artist and especially for an artist who is also trying to juggle motherhood. Most artists find it hard to work from home, market their work, network and continue growing and learning and making a living with their art. It’s extra difficult trying to find the time and energy to take care of both family and art is challenging. Katrina shows us just how it can be done and that it is possible!


I have listened to your podcast many times while painting and found it quite inspiring as well. You are very genuine and gracious and it comes through in your episodes.


Creative inspiration, practical tips & so enjoyable!  This is so enjoyable listening to while I'm in the studio painting, I feel like Katrina and I are just hanging out as I create! She's one of the most genuine people and it really comes through in her podcast. It's obvious that she has a true passion and a gift for supporting other women, especially in their creative pursuits. Not only do I feel more inspired to chase down my artistic goals, but I also appreciate the practical tips for maintaining and growing a creative business!


Love this podcast! This podcast is a great companion for an artist at any stage of their career or business. Katrina has years of experience and knows so much about the business of art, instagram, email marketing and connecting with buyers and just the ins and outs of being an artist and mother. She is such a valuable resource and shares all she knows through the podcast as well as the CANDYclub, a group of artists she has organized together to participate in curated content to help grow our businesses. She is fantastic and this podcast is such a wonderful resource for all those who are looking for information or encouragement in their artistic practice! Thanks Katrina!