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welcome to my candy colored studio! bonjour, i'm katrina berg, an oil painter, mother, art biz mentor, supporter of women, podcaster, chocolate lover, francophile, and product designer.  

join me in my midway utah studio, where i serve up a palette of support, hope and love, with a side of realness! as a mother of 5 (including 6 year old twins), i know that life is rarely easy and jolly...but savoring the sweet moments gives us the strength we need to find peace, growth, and fulfillment along our journey.

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the candy colored study podcast with artist oil painter katrina berg

Testimonials (podcast)

I haven’t had the chance to meet Katrina in person, but listening to her podcast makes me feel like we’re best friends! I listen while I’m in the car or while doing housework - she makes cleaning the kitchen almost enjoyable! Seriously though, she’s like every creative mama’s personal cheerleader! I feel so encouraged and inspired every time I listen.


I love listening to this podcast while creating art. It gives me motivation, and inspiration to continue to create. She has great insight through her work as an artist and offers business tips and advice. You can tell how much she loves to help others while listening to her stories and while she interviews other artists. Thanks Katrina for the great podcast!


This podcast is a huge blessing in my life! I feel like Katrina encourages me, and also supports me in following my dreams as an artist, both from the inspiration side, as well as the practical business side. I love hearing how she makes time to create amongst raising kids, and helps her family pursue their passions. Katrina is so sweet and compassionate. She makes everyone feel valued as a person and artist.


Katrina has wonderful insight into the life of an artist and especially for an artist who is also trying to juggle motherhood. Most artists find it hard to work from home, market their work, network and continue growing and learning and making a living with their art. It’s extra difficult trying to find the time and energy to take care of both family and art is challenging. Katrina shows us just how it can be done and that it is possible!


I have listened to your podcast many times while painting and found it quite inspiring as well. You are very genuine and gracious and it comes through in your episodes.


Creative inspiration, practical tips & so enjoyable!  This is so enjoyable listening to while I'm in the studio painting, I feel like Katrina and I are just hanging out as I create! She's one of the most genuine people and it really comes through in her podcast. It's obvious that she has a true passion and a gift for supporting other women, especially in their creative pursuits. Not only do I feel more inspired to chase down my artistic goals, but I also appreciate the practical tips for maintaining and growing a creative business!


Love this podcast! This podcast is a great companion for an artist at any stage of their career or business. Katrina has years of experience and knows so much about the business of art, instagram, email marketing and connecting with buyers and just the ins and outs of being an artist and mother. She is such a valuable resource and shares all she knows through the podcast as well as the CANDYclub, a group of artists she has organized together to participate in curated content to help grow our businesses. She is fantastic and this podcast is such a wonderful resource for all those who are looking for information or encouragement in their artistic practice! Thanks Katrina!


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Testimonials (CANDYCLUB )

There’s so much I love about the CANDYclub! Even just making the decision to join has taken my commitment to my creative practice up several notches. Katrina is such a wonderful mentor and I feel like she’s been cheering for me from the start (and I’m not the only one she’s rooting for!). Receiving insights and tips from her own experiences each month, along with the supportive community of the other talented artists has been amazing! We get to spur one another on and celebrate the wins together. The CANDYclub has been the catalyst needed for taking my creative business seriously, while also providing practical steps for growth. I see Katrina and the other artists putting in the work and making bold moves creatively, and it’s incredibly motivating!


When Katrina told me about her CANDYclub, I was very excited, and rightly so. It has been an awesome experience. The content within each lesson is so helpful and clear; Katrina is an excellent and supportive mentor and a source I trust. There is positive energy radiating from the group of artists in the club, from the beginning, I began to feel so motivated to go after these new goals. I feel brave learning alongside other artists going after their goals at the same time. I’m grateful for Katrina and the CANDYclub for helping me kickstart my business! I look back on the past six months and see the things I’ve accomplished and feel great, and ready to do more!


My favorite thing about the CANDYclub is being able to learn from other artists who share my similar struggles. It is comforting to know I am not alone in my artistic journey as I try to figure out the best way to advertise and sell my art. Through the monthly video chats, I have learned so much from other artists and it is nice that everyone is so willing to share and cheer each other on in our process. Katrina is so positive, open and encouraging.  She is always there to answer questions and challenge us to just “jump in” and get going on our goals such as: setting up a website, email list or instagram account.  Part of the journey is learning as we go and it is ok to take a risk and learn along the way.


Katrina and her CANDYclub have offered me a wealth of knowledge, insight, perspective, and encouragement on my own personal journey.  Katrina is genuinely invested in the growth of her students and this community. She truly is your personal cheerleader. It has been wonderful to have a platform to bounce off ideas and experiences with others who are each in their unique stage of career building.  I can’t recommend Katrina and the CANDYclub enough!


I really enjoy Katrina being intimate and personal with her club members. In her podcast and online meetings, as she shares her experiences and obstacles regarding her journey as an artist and mother of 5. Katrina creates a safe place for each of us to share our doubts and questions when we feel most vulnerable. She is always cheerful, hopeful and has great solutions. I no longer feel alone in my struggles, I know Katrina can relate. She has tried different avenues to be more efficient with her business. As an artist, she keeps current with new information and trends, so she can better guide her fellow artists in the most beneficial direction. She is just awesome!


The CANDYclub embodies the definition of “community over competition.” Katrina and the other artists are so forthcoming with their knowledge and experience and everyone is so supportive and wants to see you succeed. No matter what your level, everyone is willing to meet you right where you are in your art business, and cheer you on. I’m so excited to dive deeper into my creative business with this group of beautiful artists, lifting me up every step of the way.


Being a part of the CANDYclub has been such an uplifting experience. I have connected with other amazing artists and been a part of really insightful discussions about how to successfully run a business as an artist- something that I wish I’d learned in college. I am still in my beginning stages with developing my own style and direction I want to go with my art, but the CANDYclub is giving me the confidence I have needed to make my dreams a reality. Katrina is so real and just genuinely wants to help everyone be successful. (So glad I found you, Katrina 😉)


I knew I wanted to join the candy club if nothing else just to sap every ounce of wisdom I could from Katrina. She was already a dear friend and a type of mentor and cheerleader so I knew it would be well worth the investment. It has also become a great opportunity to cultivate a supportive art community.


I’ve been a member of the CANDYclub since it began in the fall. Through the group’s lessons, action items, and dialogue and support of members in monthly discussions I’ve improved my mindset about my work, I’ve clarified and improved my email marketing, and am becoming more intentional with the marketing of my work. I saw growth in both the production of the artwork and my revenue at the end of 2019, partly due to work with this group. Katrina’s organization of the discussions and lessons is thoughtful and she delivers on her goals. If you do the work, you will find growth through this group.