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welcome to my candy colored studio! bonjour! i'm katrina berg, an oil painter, mother, supporter of women, podcaster, chocolate lover, francophile, and product designer.  

join me in my midway utah studio, where i serve up a palette of support, hope and love, with a side of realness! as a mother of 5 (3 teenagers & 8 year old twins lol!), i know that life is rarely easy and jolly...but savoring the sweet moments gives us the strength we need to find peace, growth, and fulfillment along our journey.


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supporting living artists at local seasonal art markets, a joe rogan red pill on forgiveness & 26 things i don’t do to make time to paint

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 219:
are you a frequenter of art & etsy style markets? we have some really great ones in northern utah – my favorites are the utah art market and the beehive bazaar. collectors can discover new local artists by enjoying these handmade market venues. a red pill based on a recent joe rogan podcast interview with bret weinstein that asks us if we have a line for forgiveness and if we've come to terms with our choices. and my latest list of things i’m avoiding so that i have time to paint. sometimes the best way to get more time to do the things we really want to be doing is to minimize what we’re committing to do – asking ourselves, do i REALLY have to do this? what would happen if i didn’t do it?!
latest large floral w/ birds, what YOU want to hear in 2023, opportunities for artists & collectors, an artist tip on seasons of creativity, & an msn redpill

latest large floral w/ birds, what YOU want to hear in 2023, opportunities for artists & collectors, an artist tip on seasons of creativity, & an msn redpill

it’s been 4 years! back in november i began my 5th year of the CANDYcolored studio podcast. what a wonderful journey and thanks so much for taking it with me! as i prepare episodes each week, i want you to know that you’re on my mind! and i’d love to hear what YOU’d like to hear more of in 2023! fill out the short survey below or in the show notes on my podcast page at! in this episode i’ll also give you some thoughts and background on my latest very large floral with birds painting that will be in my solo show opening may 19th. it’s named after the beyond lovely song “angel’s lullaby” by emilie-claire barlow. you’ll hear some opportunities for collectors and artists and some tips for artists & collectors. finally, i’ll embed a video of msn lies by charlie ward and mary of “we the people news.” as you process and heal this year, may you be supported and feel so much love. thanks for all you do!! xo
new work, new supplies, highlights from ‘22 and hopes & dreams for ‘23

new work, new supplies, highlights from ‘22 and hopes & dreams for ‘23

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 217:
hear about my latest big piece (48x60) heading to my solo show in may! and we have an official date – may 19th will be the opening. i’d LOVE to have you join me. if you’re not local or will be out of town, keep an eye out for a “show page” that will be appearing on my website with vidoes, photos, descriptions etc. about each piece and the show. in this episode you’ll hear opportunities for collectors & artists with a suggestion about commissions and preparing to visit and participate in shows/events in 2023. as an artist tip: hear about a recent episode on the “artists soar” podcast where they talk about new shiny objects. along that theme, make sure to check out my longtime bestie nancy andruk olson’s handmade high chroma watercolor paint and her new monthly subscription (it’s going to be awesome!). you’ll also hear an x-file redpill on fear. finally, our main topic for this episode is all about looking back at 2022 seeing the personal & business progress that’s been made and some hopes for 2023. as you listen, make your own lists ;). feel free to email me with any ah-ha moments & queries you have on the topic. may this year be extra special for you as you let your heart be your guide. much love!

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click to listen to the playlists of songs and favorite singers whose songs inspire my work and title my original oil paintings!! there's a playlist of all the french songs, and one for each year from 2018 to the present!