original oil paintings by artist katrina berg


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life is sweeter in candy color! a bite or taste is much like a memory:

frozen in time and cataloged with those things we hold most dear.  

welcome! soo happy you're here! 

my candy-colored oil paintings are recorded memories of favorite places & things with a good dose of pastel colors to keep life sweet. a rare bone disease, secondary infertility, and memories of abuse remind me that life isn't always easy and jolly. savoring the sweet moments gives us the strength we need to find peace, growth, and fulfillment along our journey. i paint to embrace the sweet amidst the unsavory and to share that sweetness with others.

formally trained as a landscape architect, i worked to create outdoor rooms and cozy spaces to enjoy nature. now as a painter, i seek to bring the “outside in” by painting the natural world around me: landscape vistas & views from my windows, the deer, flowers and birds in our yard & neighboring fields. i love mixing all my favorite things...a floral still life with birds, bees & butterflies perched on their stems & branches.

thick strokes formed with brush & palette knife sparkle like pieces of stained glass. unlike most artwork, katrina’s work is meant to be touched. the thick yummy paint can make the experience so much more personal. with 5 kiddos in and out of the studio, each piece has been carefully varnished & made as durable as possible. i paint only on wood...i achieve the most shine and color intensity that way.

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