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we've launched our first online-only small works show: the #candyclubcollective!


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learn - be inspired - grow - find friendship with like-minded creatives!

a membership for creative entrepreneurs and artists wanting to step up their biz game! everything i've learned in my art biz has taken so much time and tears's a wild ride. lean on my years selling artwork & products, running an online gallery, working with galleries, doing art markets and shows, marketing, social media, etc, etc.  i know your life is busy and full're juggling so many things

instead of an intense 6-12 week course...we'll be making small changes a little at a time. at the beginning of each month, you'll receive a mini-lesson and actionable items to work on, right where you are in your biz. we'll get together in an online meeting at the end of the month to discuss how you're doing with your topic, encourage, and help each other as a community.

small choices + small steps = real results...

and all the support you need to do it...amidst all your other life commitments.

some of the topics we'll be covering:

amplifying your website
all things email list
making commissions easier
the best revenue streams for your work
where to sell your unique work
your ideal collector
marketing strategies for your art
pricing your work (and when to raise your prices)
packing & shipping hacks
working with galleries & museums
maximizing at shows & markets
serving on social media

getting press for your work!

monthly or annual memberships

after signing up, you'll receive a questionnaire to help us serve you better each month. there is also a place for you to leave questions or suggest topics you'd like to cover. i'm here for you & can't wait to help you...& get to know you and your goodness better!

 cancel at any time. email me with questions:


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1. what kind of artwork are CANDYclub members i a good fit? we currently have 2-D artists, collage, sculptors, mixed media, acrylic, oil, screenprinters... honestly, if you have a creative biz, it doesn't matter your medium. you will be a perfect fit! i also think it's easier to help each other when we aren't in the very same niche ;)

2. i have so much on my plate, will i have time? absolutely! one lesson/theme each month with actionable items to work on (you'll have a month to work on your part and can ask questions throughout the month in our closed facebook group, or send them in to be addressed at our live online chat with the group at the end of the month).

3. i have young children, am i a good candidate? again, yes! i have found so much growth in my professional and personal life being a mother and artist. the time constraints have helped me focus on my work & biz, and a few priorities at a time. this is the perfect time for you to make small changes & create good habits...keep your priorities on your little ones & spouse, but also make time for your work! 

4. i'd love to, but how do i justify the cost? oh, i hear ya! if i'd known i could give up one dinner & a movie each month to invest and see myself get HERE faster...i would have. it's hard not having that crystal ball ;)  even without it, can you imagine where you'll be with a small investment each month? the possibilities are endless!

5. i don't have a website yet, is that a problem? no, not at all! the beauty of the membership is the ability to focus on member needs. i can make sure to cover topics you are struggling with early on instead of waiting for chapter or module 11, lol. there will be areas of your business to improve no matter where you are in your career. 

6. how big will the group be? i've been a part of large art groups & small ones...i definitely prefer those smaller. the facebook group and online meetings will be available to the whole group, but I'll create a journey pod of 4 to 6 people so you can have a team behind you (nearest to you geographically as possible) and you'll be able to form deeper connections. invite a friend to be a part of our membership and let me know, so i can put you together in a pod. there are some amazing ladies already in the club who I know you will love and learn so much from their experiences!  

👉👉 sign up & pay monthly HERE

👉👉 sign up & pay annually HERE


There’s so much I love about the CANDYclub! Even just making the decision to join has taken my commitment to my creative practice up several notches. Katrina is such a wonderful mentor and I feel like she’s been cheering for me from the start (and I’m not the only one she’s rooting for!). Receiving insights and tips from her own experiences each month, along with the supportive community of the other talented artists has been amazing! We get to spur one another on and celebrate the wins together. The CANDYclub has been the catalyst needed for taking my creative business seriously, while also providing practical steps for growth. I see Katrina and the other artists putting in the work and making bold moves creatively, and it’s incredibly motivating! - HOLLY BEALS   

Katrina’s CANDYclub is a great resource. It’s so helpful to hear the experiences and knowledge gained from an artist who has walked the walk and is willing to be completely transparent about the process. Thanks, Katrina! - MARYN ROOS

Being part of the CANDYclub has been an immeasurable help in moving my art forward. I've had access to tools and help that would have taken me years to figure out on my own. It's such an incredible community of artists who are all in it together, sharing ideas, supporting each other's journey and being a support with successes and failures. You can reach out to the group anytime and will absolutely be met with helpful insight or be directed in the direction you need to go. Katrina wants everyone to succeed and will wholeheartedly go out of her way to give you the tools and confidence to get you moving towards your goals. Being an artist can be challenging at times and you can feel like an island, unsure of yourself and alone in the struggle. Katrina's CANDYclub brings the art community together forming a supportive group that helps create confidence in pursuing the art world. - SADIE MUHLESTEIN

Katrina and her CANDYclub have offered me a wealth of knowledge, insight, perspective, and encouragement on my own personal journey.  Katrina is genuinely invested in the growth of her students and this community. She truly is your personal cheerleader. It has been wonderful to have a platform to bounce off ideas and experiences with others who are each in their unique stage of career building.  I can’t recommend Katrina and the CANDYclub enough! - ANNAI SMITH

The CANDYclub has been such a great experience. Katrina breaks down the biz side of art in a way that is exciting. It's been a process for me to better understand that aspect of art but Katrina and the other artists in the club are there to support and navigate you along the way!SKY DODDS

I knew I wanted to join the CANDYclub if nothing else just to sap every ounce of wisdom I could from Katrina. She was already a dear friend and a type of mentor and cheerleader so I knew it would be well worth the investment. It has also become a great opportunity to cultivate a supportive art community. CRYSTAL DESPAIN

The CANDYclub has been such a great help and benefit while starting my art business. It is such a great help in breaking down the pieces needed to establish and build an ongoing business. Katrina as well as the others are great at brainstorming and/or offering suggestions for steps I haven’t quite been ready for so that there is still forward momentum while taking into consideration time management and resources. I highly recommend it! - CYNTHEA JOSEPHINE

My favorite thing about the CANDYclub is being able to learn from other artists who share my similar struggles. It is comforting to know I am not alone in my artistic journey as I try to figure out the best way to advertise and sell my art. Through the monthly video chats, I have learned so much from other artists and it is nice that everyone is so willing to share and cheer each other on in our process. Katrina is so positive, open and encouraging.  She is always there to answer questions and challenge us to just “jump in” and get going on our goals such as: setting up a website, email list or instagram account.  Part of the journey is learning as we go and it is ok to take a risk and learn along the way. - ANNIE ISAACSON

I’ve been a member of the CANDYclub since it began in the fall. Through the group’s lessons, action items, and dialogue and support of members in monthly discussions I’ve improved my mindset about my work, I’ve clarified and improved my email marketing, and am becoming more intentional with the marketing of my work. I saw growth in both the production of the artwork and my revenue at the end of 2019, partly due to work with this group. Katrina’s organization of the discussions and lessons is thoughtful and she delivers on her goals. If you do the work, you will find growth through this group. JENNIE TRAILL

Being a part of the CANDYclub has been such an uplifting experience. I have connected with other amazing artists and been a part of really insightful discussions about how to successfully run a business as an artist- something that I wish I’d learned in college. I am still in my beginning stages with developing my own style and direction I want to go with my art, but the CANDYclub is giving me the confidence I have needed to make my dreams a reality. Katrina is so real and just genuinely wants to help everyone be successful. (So glad I found you, Katrina 😉) KATHLEEN FIFIELD 

The CANDYclub embodies the definition of “community over competition.” Katrina and the other artists are so forthcoming with their knowledge and experience and everyone is so supportive and wants to see you succeed. No matter what your level, everyone is willing to meet you right where you are in your art business, and cheer you on. I’m so excited to dive deeper into my creative business with this group of beautiful artists, lifting me up every step of the way.JENNIFER STEFANEK

I’ve been making art for a long time, and even taking the occasional commission within the past few years, but I didn’t decide to get serious about my career and go all-in on my art until the summer of 2019. I had some vague hopes for my business, but no clear direction to go in. When Katrina told me about her CANDYclub, I was very excited, and rightly so. It has been an awesome experience for a couple of reasons. For starters, the content within each lesson is so helpful and clear; Katrina is an excellent and supportive mentor and a source I trust. Another great thing about the club is the positive energy radiating from the group of artists in the club; from the beginning, I began to feel so motivated to go after these new goals. Most of all, the CANDYclub has made the ideas I had for my business, and ideas that I hadn’t even considered, feasible. I feel brave learning alongside other artists going after their goals at the same time. I’m grateful for Katrina and the CANDYclub for helping me kickstart my business! I look back on the past six months and see the things I’ve accomplished and feel great, and ready to do more! - HANNAH STALEY FOSTER 

The CANDYclub has been the monthly push I have needed in my business. I didn't know what to do next to get my artwork out there. It's helped me think outside the box and find other ways to sell my work. Things like email marketing, which was something I didn't even know about that is helping my business grow. I have loved getting to know the other women in the club, especially finding ones that live near me that I have connected with outside of the club. I love learning from their experiences and also hearing that I'm not alone on this crazy up and down roller coaster called an art career. I feel like the CANDYclub has gotten my business moving in the right direction which would have taken me many years to figure out on my own. I'm so grateful for Katrina and her time she puts into the club. She helps every single person in the group and I have always felt her love and support. SYDNEY LUND

I really enjoy Katrina being intimate and personal with her club members. In her podcast and online meetings, as she shares her experiences and obstacles regarding her journey as an artist and mother of 5. Katrina creates a safe place for each of us to share our doubts and questions when we feel most vulnerable. She is always cheerful, hopeful and has great solutions. I no longer feel alone in my struggles, I know Katrina can relate. She has tried different avenues to be more efficient with her business. As an artist, she keeps current with new information and trends, so she can better guide her fellow artists in the most beneficial direction. She is just awesome!NESLI COLLEY

I have loved being part of Katrina's CANDYclub! Her monthly lessons have really helped me focus and get some things done that I've known in the back of my mind I should do but didn't quite know-how and hadn't made the time to figure out. Katrina is so generous with her hard-won knowledge and is thoughtful in how she shares her experiences. She gives actionable ideas and helpful "homework" to get the ball rolling with each month's theme. ANNIE PREECE

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