the CANDYcolored studio podcast

welcome to my midway, utah studio, where i'll serve up a palette of support, hope and love, with a side of realness! as a mother of 5 (3 high schoolers & 8-year-old twin boys),  i know that life is rarely easy and jolly...but savoring the sweet moments gives us the strength we need to find peace, growth, and fulfillment along our journey. in this podcast you'll find:

- marketing & business tips for artists & entrepreneurs
- behind the scenes as a mother, entrepreneur & artist

- realness & red pills about life, learning, and the human journey

podcasting to support women, mother artists, and creative entrepreneurs

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large round floral circle oval art oil painter contemporary flowers birds

ep.232 pam baumeister - commissions & artist accountability

pam baumeister utah watercolor painter artist mentor marketing biz mindset mastermind

ep.231 swiss days, summer round up, & the benefit of busy work

ep. 230 staying in our own lane as artists & entrepreneurs, the largest & final piece in my solo show and a solo show update

ep. 229 artist alex reed's east idaho art market

ep. 228 exploring "divine quietness" with author emily robison adams


ep. 227 trading comfort for truth and symbols of hope in my latest large piece

ep. 226 art & soup preview with artists nancy andruk olson, greg newbold, rob chipman, barb young, brandt berntson, heather holm, brekke sjoblom, jenn seeley & rebecca klundt!!

 ep. 225 parent realization: our "greatest mistake" is really our greatest blessing

ep. 224 creating an artist studio you never want to leave

ep. 223 8 must–read art publications, my 5’ tall easter egg painting, what to do with older artwork, & 15 ways to survive a winter apocalypse

pod-sister podcast panel episode artists soar the inspired painter candy colored studio press for artists

ep.222 pod-sister panel!! press experiences and opportunities with the ladies of the artists soar podcast: stephanie, rachel & jules and jessica of the inspired painter podcast

ep. 221 upcoming art auctions, jenna kutcher suggests 5 questions to ask ourselves, learning new ways to renew my sacrament coventant, forgive & meaning in the jubilee

ep. 220 traveling with 5 kids to bimini, upcoming art events & calls for art, and better goal setting with the “artists soar” podcast ladies

ep. 219 supporting living artists at local seasonal art markets, a joe rogan redpill on forgiveness, make time to paint

studio oil painter podcaster katrina berg midway utah floral birds

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ep. 218 latest large floral w/ birds, what YOU want to hear in 2023, opportunities for artists & collectors, an artist tip on seasons of creativity, & an msn redpill

ep. 217 new work, new supplies, highlights from ‘22 and hopes & dreams for ‘23 

ep. 216 artist tip on being productive and making space in my heart & mind for those things most important

ep. 215 doorways to divinity art show at writ & vision with mcarthur krishna & esther candari

christian journal for women & girls lds divine identy heavenly parents jamie harmon midway utah author podcast interview CANDYcolored studio

ep. 212 vistors in the studio, fall break moments, reaching our potential as artists, the telemundo episode and a financial red pill

ep. 211 a commission nightmare, when artists should use various revenue streams, inappropriate material in our schools, big tech & government agencies controlling narrative

ep. 210 tik tok tips for artists, utah art market online shop, artist press opportunities and the arrival of the red heifers in isreal

ep. 209 studio update, opportunities for artists & collectors, and "i haven't been seeing you on instagram, are you ok?!!"

ep. 208 high school dance memories new & old, artist travel & inspo, and a project veritas red pill on secret curriculum in our schools

ep. 207 a midway swiss days thx, artist tip on creatives & procrastination, organizing with littles & decorating with teens, and a red pill about the documentary "selection code"

ep. 206 artist instagram accounts stolen, jenna kutcher's latest tips on email list marketing for artists and entrepreneurs, swiss days studio visit appointments and a red pill on potential dangers of esg

Fine artist podcast spotify oil painter candy colored studio midway swiss days utah corruption art pricing

ep. 205 swiss days info, 10 tips for artists pricing & value, 7 ways to stop financing corruption

artist podcast panel stephanie weaver jules mccullough rachel harshanko jessica libor katrina berg artist tips to avoid burnout on spotify

ep. 204 tips to avoid burnout as an artist from our artist panel ladies: artists soar (jules mccullough, rachel harchanko & stephanie weaver), the inspired painter with jessica libor & my CANDYcolored studio

ep. 203 an artist tip on the benefits of a social media detox, a red pill on extremism & moderation, and a study abroad story: learning to drive stick in provence & the french alps

lds mother artist podcast faith crisis create podcast ekaterina popova mini circle floral paintings rest momentum

ep. 202 an artist tip on rest & momentum, new circle floral minis, and a red pill on spiritual experiences, faith crisis or faith opportunities

spotify art podcast mother artist candy colored studio original oil paintings

ep. 201 certain women book! new floral minis, artist tip on creativity & constraints, 20 benefits of summer jobs and a “pedophiles in parliament” red pill

spotify art podcast mother artist candy colored studio original oil paintings

ep. 200 mini circle landscapes of favorite places, is social media eating up all our creating time? and a zev zelenko redpill

ep. 199 "water for life charity" gala in heber city, an artist tip on new projects, using empty business spaces in new ways and a red pill theith thomas renz & our military

ep. 191 website tips for artists, the power of commissions & a dr. zev zelenko red pill (click for images, links & to watch/listen to mentioned episodes)
ep. 190 morning jumpstarts for artists, art commission stories & a grooming red pill (click for images, links & to watch/listen to mentioned episodes)
ep. 189 manifesting, my commission process & a water redpill (click for images, links & to watch/listen to mentioned episodes)

the early light institute art auction preschool scholarship

ep. 188 how to commission a painting from artists & the hundredth monkey effect

art studio painting playlist inspiration and titles artwork 

ep. 181 artist, teacher, mentor & podcaster stephanie weaver

lds sacred grove oil paiting circle art joseph smith heavenly parents

ep. 180 tell me about YOUR sacred grove - latest 48" circle spiritual piece
ep. 179 utah arts collective pandemic wins, studio update, and great & spacious buildings

utah arts collective dance studio adams family heber city utah

ep. 178 11 favorite cookbooks, truckers & a follow up red pill
ep. 177 adam & eve: the fall...or was it?!
ep. 176 SWEETlady: christy hansen wilson
ep. 175 using more discernment while we process, 2022 hopes & dreams
ep. 174 the relatives came! and holiday epiphanies
ep. 173 christmas edition - children's books

Floral oil painting ginger jar fairy wren hummingbirds starlings

ep. 172 christmas edition - music
ep. 171 SWEETlady: ashley mickelson berg 
ep. 170 power in the preview & a life lesson red pill
ep. 169 following the money and the thanksgiving proclamation 
ep. 168 curating our life and a recent heavenly mother commission

167. mary brickey - final days of the certain women show & catching up with mary

166. nicole woodbury & the latest certain women art show featuring our heavenly mother

165. tracy ann holmes: ceramics, watercolors, pencil & her certain woman piece about heavenly mother

laura erekson utah artist sculptor painter certain women podcast interview
164. laura erekson atkinson & certain women's "reflections on a mother in heaven" show
163. eve, asherah & the great red pill
162. being a prepper in life & business
161. under promise, over deliver, & some unexpected results
160. where homework, mustard seeds & seeking truth collide
159. universal laws of giving & respecting choice (part vi)
158. the happiest broken record of marketing

157. marissa huber & heather kirtland of carve out time for art - community, book & new podcast!
156. latest framed mini circle collection & 12 happy thoughts
155. twelve $80 & 49 cent life lessons

154. julianne donaldson - author of edenbrooke, blackmoore & newly released: "come, sweet day"
153. infertility tools used by satan
152. how do they do it with just one thing, and how do i get there?!
151. time usage & how to keep going when feeling discouraged

150. julia lowe (2) - universal laws of giving & respecting choice (part v)

149: tricia petrey - universal laws of giving & respecting choice (part iv)
148: homeschool - art - the chosen (a dozen updates)

147. julia lowe: universal laws with giving & respecting choice (part iii)
146. SWEETlady: chalene parkin
145. being a mother artist & constantly seeking flow
144. universal laws with giving & respecting choice (part ii)
143. universal laws with giving & respecting choice (part i)
142. it's never too late to prepare or think outside the box
141. sisters it's our turn!
140. angels among us
139. SWEETlady: lesa draper hough
138. finding peace & comfort while grieving all the things

137. amanda herring of la petite maison antiques
136. 2020 in review! (4 things biz & 4 personal)
135. what are we worshipping? my gift to christ to celebrate his birth
134. 7 balms of comfort during the 2020 CHRISTMAS SEASON
133. listen, get out of their way, and cheer them on! (our little and young humans)

132. lori siebert & kenzie elston
131. gratitude 2020
130. SWEETlady: annie blake
129. SWEETlady: maresa madsen
128. podcast 2nd anniversary & 5 political thoughts

127. tara “teaspoon” bench: forging an unseen path, pivoting, & all about her cookbook, “live life deliciously”
126. sweet lady: anneclaire berg

125. melissa robel of pads4refugees and melissa’s art studio

124. melody newey johnson: nurse, poet & her manuscript: “an imperfect roundness”

123. ladies of the candy colored club present the “candy club collective” small works show

122. watercolor artist erin acker and a peek at the upcoming candy club collective show (oct 1st!)
121. fear. brave souls. reading more & open minds

120. megan gray
119. SWEETlady: richelle jolley

118. nila conzens - eat. move. matter.
117. SWEETlady: gayle jones kotula
116. essential alternative paths in life
115. SWEETlady: crystal miller

114. my painting process
113. SWEETlady: desiree madsen
112. working through triggers during covid
111. 5 ways to get started in art (plus a bonus lol)
110. the importance of "yes" and "no"
109. SWEETlady: alison, gretchen & margaret amy
108. 6 website tips for artists
107. SWEETlady: ashley penrod

106. artist interview: jordan daines of midway utah
105. SWEETlady: traci berg
104. 10 things that are easing my panic attacks, anxiety, & depression
103. SWEETlady: amy ashworth of perfectly paisley design

102. art interview: polly jones
101. SWEETlady: brenda child
100. 5 things I’m learning & relearning during quarantine
99. SWEETlady: julee berg
98. art biz: linktree vs amped up website
97. SWEETlady: katherine bradway berg

96. AAUW utah women artists exhibition: celebrating women vibrant and equal 2020
95. SWEETlady: laura miller johnson
94. allowing for potential
93. SWEETlady: janelle baugh willis

myle walsh orange umbrella travel water from the moon heber city utah podcast interview
92. myle walsh of water from the moon & orange umbrella travel
91. SWEETlady: tracy bjork
90. 5 website tips for artists
89. SWEETlady: marcie fleck

88. kathryn sonntag: writer & landscape designer (part 2 of 2)
87. kathryn sonntag: writer & landscape designe (part 1 of 2)
86. SWEETlady: kareena gries gray
85. reevaluating spaces during COVID-19
84. SWEETlady: elizabeth jones dodge

83. mcarthur & bethany: bonus material
82. mcarthur & bethany: a girl's guide to heavenly mother
81. SWEETlady: amy poole devaney

80. beth allen: simplification, commitment and the gift of failure
79. SWEETlady: martha fellows
78. 10 ways to increase your art sales
77. SWEETlady: tonya vistaunet of a happy vista

76. svitlana martynjuk of all she makes
75. SWEETlady: naomi watkins of better days 2020
74. the story behind the painting "feeling good" headed to cns cares' "art & soup": a virtual art show & fundraiser
73. SWEETlady: andrea allen of forward influence 
72. how to take photos of artwork
71. 10 ways to thrive instead of simply surviving the wake of the coronavirus

70. SWEETladies: meredith jones hendricks & nancy jones of paper & felt
69. bari j ackerman: art & design that bloom wild
68. the CANDYclub: all about my art biz membership/mastermind
67. SWEETlady: zd chudyba of in harmony healing health clinic
66. start now, proof of concept?
65. SWEETlady: danielle barker of modern vintage boutique & ryleigh rue clothing

melinda brown eve and adam book lds author podcast interview
64. author melinda brown: EVE and ADAM discovering the beautiful balance
63. hear what the lady artists are saying about the CANDYclub
62. SWEETlady: ann hartshorn of new vision art
61. 5 reasons you need to discover & develop your style

I have listened to your podcast many times while painting and found it quite inspiring as well. You are very genuine and gracious and it comes through in your episodes. - MELISSA PECK ART

- listen to my interview on the left brain artist podcast

60. why you need an email list
59. SWEETlady: laura child of granarlo granola
58. no more apologies
57. building our quirky green modern concrete home

56. the campbell collective - amanda louise & marquin: business, friendship, and the intersection of their art and interior design journeys
55. a decade in the CANDYcolored studio - 10 lessons learned
54. our family's last decade: 10 topics and the lessons we've learned

chelle gunderson artist tennesee floral podcast interview
53. chelle gunderson: celebrating the gifts & talents of each family member, working with galleries & paint every day
52. 2019: my art year in review
51. christmas memories and traditions from the candy colored studio

Creative inspiration, practical tips & so enjoyable!  This is so enjoyable listening to while I'm in the studio painting, I feel like Katrina and I are just hanging out as I create! She's one of the most genuine people and it really comes through in her podcast. It's obvious that she has a true passion and a gift for supporting other women, especially in their creative pursuits. Not only do I feel more inspired to chase down my artistic goals, but I also appreciate the practical tips for maintaining and growing a creative business! - HOLLY BEALS

50. stephanie hock: making the most of your unique creative journey, where to start organizing

stephanie hock acrylic life painter salt lake city utah podcast interview
49. what to do when your artwork is copied, how to cope, protect yourself, & move on
48. shiny paintings and all things painting process & materials!
47. a rare bone disease and learning to look at the heart
46. 5 ways to simplify your art business 

lisa draper sculptor painter resin systems utah artist podcast interview
45. lisa draper: an artist journey made easier with systems: how to clear your mind, giving you the space needed to create
44. podcast anniversary! - things i've learned, favorite episodes, & what to expect in season 2

nancy andruk olson utah artist watercolor oil painter colorist podcast interview
43. nancy andruk olson: how to be a nurse, mother, artist, & the importance of supporting women artists
42. 7 ways for artists to grow an email list

laura erekson utah artist sculpture painter podcast interview certain women
41. laura erekson atkinson - making art is a family affair, collaborating with artists & curating the certain women art show 

Love this podcast! This podcast is a great companion for an artist at any stage of their career or business. Katrina has years of experience and knows so much about the business of art, instagram, email marketing and connecting with buyers and just the ins and outs of being an artist and mother. She is such a valuable resource and shares all she knows through the podcast as well as the CANDYclub, a group of artists she has organized together to participate in curated content to help grow our businesses. She is fantastic and this podcast is such a wonderful resource for all those who are looking for information or encouragement in their artistic practice! Thanks Katrina! - MOLLY NEVES

mary brickey utah artist certain women podcast interview

40. mary brickey: committing to failure, reaching balance by being out of balance, & the certain women art show

nicole woodbury sculptor painter artist salt lake city utah podcast interview
39. nicole woodbury: connecting math, science, music & nature with art, and curating the certain women art show

artist trip to scotland podcast episode
38. scotland painting trip and Fall 2019 studio update

crystal despain artist colorado portrait oil painter podcast interview
37. crystal despain: learning in all the places and being supported by all the loved ones
36. where to apply to art shows: 5 ways to apply

carl berg landscape architect entrepreneur interview utah
35. carl berg: when to hire an employee & how to solve pain points in your biz by learning from other professions
34. 9/11 reflections from a small wasatch mountain village in the rockies: how to become our best selves
33. being an artist mama of twins - 10 things that surprised us

annie preece salt lake artist podcat interview interiors still life
32. annie preece: a full life of tiny creative joyful moments
31. a support system for artists: who & why you need it most

I haven’t had the chance to meet Katrina in person, but listening to her podcast makes me feel like we’re best friends! I listen while I’m in the car or while doing housework - she makes cleaning the kitchen almost enjoyable! Seriously though, she’s like every creative mama’s personal cheerleader! I feel so encouraged and inspired every time I listen.ALISHA B WHITMAN ART

30. 5 tips for artists & creatives at shows and markets

cindy eggertz fairy business podcast interview depression
29. cindy eggertz: finding joy and peace in a fairy business while navigating depression
28. pulling back the curtain - the dancer's experience backstage at studio 5
27. tips for artists: how to wire original paintings, where to put the wire & hardware

jessica michaelson artist teacher salt lake city podcast interview
26. jessica michaelson: mindfully pursuing our passions for the long haul, helping others in their unique journey
25. seeking & developing a relationship with our heavenly mother
24. feeling successful in your creative business at 85% (less stress and more joy)

join the progress project podcast interview kristin & laura
23. laura + kristin of "the progress project": their podcast & course, how to change one thing in your life
22. our secondary infertility journey, also: 15 years learning, serving & sacrificing together

andrea holmes texas artist birds art markets podcast interview
21. andrea holmes - accessing the world of art markets, studio spaces, while being a mother artist

I love listening to this podcast while creating art. It gives me motivation, and inspiration to continue to create. She has great insight through her work as an artist and offers business tips and advice. You can tell how much she loves to help others while listening to her stories and while she interviews other artists. Thanks Katrina for the great podcast! - SYDNEY LUND ART

20. art making questions part ii - money & business
19. why i create: stories of abuse & the desire to create safe places for others; sweetness amidst the dark & hard

nanette amis utah art market podcast interview salt lake city utah
18. nanette amis - 25 years cultivating relationships as the owner of the utah art market
17. france trip: answered questions, what we gave up to spend a month in france
16. art making questions answered part i
15. weeks 2 & 3 in the southwest of france

lyndy landon motherhood entrepreneur overwhelm image artistry
14. lyndy landon & mompreneur overwhelm
13. our family's first week in france

anna foster mending sashiko
12. anna foster: thriving in an environment that’s sticky or tricky
11. so you want to make art!

This podcast is a huge blessing in my life! I feel like Katrina encourages me, and also supports me in following my dreams as an artist, both from the inspiration side, as well as the practical business side. I love hearing how she makes time to create amongst raising kids, and helps her family pursue their passions. Katrina is so sweet and compassionate. She makes everyone feel valued as a person and artist.JOANN MARIE ART
Katrina has wonderful insight into the life of an artist and especially for an artist who is also trying to juggle motherhood. Most artists find it hard to work from home, market their work, network and continue growing and learning and making a living with their art. It’s extra difficult trying to find the time and energy to take care of both family and art is challenging. Katrina shows us just how it can be done and that it is possible! - JESSICA MICHAELSON ART