"dansez-vous" (7x7")
"dansez-vous" (7x7")

"dansez-vous" (7x7")

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7x7" (8x8 framed) oil on wood panel, named after the song by pink martini (#64 on my french playlist below).  gold leaf frame, lightly varnished, wired, and ready to hang.
our family's 2019 month-long adventure in france began at the eiffel tower. we took the métro to the place du trocadéro. as we passed the musée de l'homme on our right, it seemed like the tour eiffel came out of nowhere right in front of us. our 5 kiddos were blown away. we took in the view, made some memories, walked down to the park near the carousel and spent quite a bit of time playing in the shadow of the tower. we gradually made our way across the seine and into the champ de mars. we took it in from all directions and ended our night at gusto italia. the next day, we went with a tour group to visit the tower. on our way out, big twin got his had stuck in one of the security doors...boy was he brave. one of the merchants gave him a tiny tower to make him feel better. he wouldn't let us pay him. so many kind people at the tower. later we rode bateaux parisiens on the seine, around île saint-louis...experiencing la tour eiffel in yet another way. we basically spent 2 full days enjoying the tour in every way possible! the kiddos were in heaven. from synchronized stair-stepping to dancing and listening to the musicians at trocadéro, there are some special memories to be had in and around la tour eiffel. 
my very first night in paris on my college study abroad...we walked for miles to see the eiffel tower. a few days later we met some italian students about our age beneath the tower, and several of my roommates made dream memories kissing an italian under the tower. lol. so much can happen at the tour eiffel. 

each piece is created with so much oil paint, using brushes and palette knives. CANDYcolored oil paint that is protected with varnish to ensure it shines like stained glass for years to come.

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