floral solo show "signs & symbols of spring"


large circle floral oil painting thick paint contemporary art

"signs and symbols of spring"

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thick oil paint large circle floral daffodil spoonbill protea

large oval floral birds thick oil paint dove poppy iris chrysanthemum almond branch
each piece in this collection has a specific theme,
a song title that fits the piece & theme,
and "signs of spring" or symbols depicted throughout. 
themes portrayed:
love is a great foundation
gratitude: a spark in becoming 
letting go of old beliefs & traditions to freedom
processing while being protected
healing with support
stepping into the light
full of hope
celebration in peace & joy


i've created a spotify playlist of the songs that have inspired each painting and title, scroll down for the playlist or click HERE

large circle floral art starling birds sunflower chinoisery

this collection and series with very large shiny floral oil paintings is a reminder that we're constantly invited to grow in character & learning. each piece is 48x48" or larger and beckons the outside in through its stained-glass reflections of light and love.

each flower and bird has been carefully selected because of the symbolism it represents.

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hummingbird art thick oil paint large bird floral art

like so many, the past few years for me have felt like a never-ending “winter-of-the-soul”. i found myself reviewing my life as it was, as it is, and what i want it to be. for years i’ve chosen painting titles based on the music i listen to as i work, offering another level of understanding of what I’m pursing and portraying. but I felt like there must be more. i began searching for deeper meaning in the main subjects of my work: flora & fauna – researching the symbolism in specific species of birds and flowers throughout time and culture. i found myself painting birds and flowers that represented character traits, states of being, and virtues i personally wanted to emulate. 
this latest collection of large-scale paintings whispered to me that it was all about “becoming bigger & better deep within.” each piece has a specific theme and corresponding birds and flowers were carefully chosen based on the meaning i was learning about them: blackbirds helping souls move to the underworld or aiding in grief – while iris, poppies, chrysanthemum and almond blossoms all represent “hope.” truth is woven amongst it all: the realization that i need to begin with love, but that there are parts of myself i desperately want to abandon or escape that no longer serve me. there’s also a good amount of processing, healing, a desire for hope, moving towards light and rebirth, and a celebration of those new beginnings. 
thick, candy-colored oil paint carefully placed and shiny – like stained glass – is an invitation for us to look within, “become more”, desire to change, and become anew. the light reflects, illuminates, and reminds us of where we are – and where we’re going. may these pieces bring comfort, hope and an eternal “spring-of-the-soul” to all as we courageously face the next few years together.
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