candy colored studio podcast episode #110 - the importance of "yes" and "no"

for many of us, the 1st word most kids learn is “no”. it is one of the most valuable words in any language…”yes” is a close second...really what’s invaluable is knowing when to use each. it’s something i’m constantly working on...some situations are easier than others to say “no”...and some seasons are easier than others to use it. hear some confessions, giggles, 16 things i’m actively saying no to and 5 things i’m saying yes to before i can say yes to anything else. 

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arnold patton - if you don't like what's happening in your life, look carefully at what you're choosing unconsciously

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  • I’m so with you on this… One of the things that is so hard for me to say no to are friends and ward members wanting me to either teach them how to paint, or do things for the ward that involve me teaching painting for group activities. While I am flattered and grateful for their compliments, I can’t really do that. I recently had a friend that I really love and admire ask me to help her do a painting for one of her friend’s wedding as a gift. I really like this person and want to be closer friends with her and so I did not say no. In hindsight it was was positive thing, but now I have had more people in our neighborhood and ward asking me to do the same thing for them (as a favor of course:) I haven’t quite been able to say no or figure out the proper wording for it yet. It’s such a hard thing in a ward/neighborhood/close knit community. As always, just love you and your podcast! Thanks so much for sacrificing your time and talents. Love you and your beautiful work 💗

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