a commission nightmare, when artists should use various revenue streams, inappropriate material in our schools, big tech & government agencies controlling narrative

 floral bird circle art oil painting thick paint original midway utah beljar local art heber valley
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CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 211: 
sharing my latest nightmares, lol -- probably the most bizarre yet. as an artist, is the income you're bringing in coming from various sources? how do you know which ones are best for you and where to put your time? do you have kids in public schools and how is your community ensuring that proper material is available to them? did your public schools participate in "banned book week" and how did you feel about it? i've got a ton of questions on this subject -- not a lot of answers, but i thought we could put our heads together on the topic and see what we think. speaking of opinions, did you see the recent senate hearing with big tech, josh hawley of missouri and louisiana's ron johnson? they revealed weekly email communication between government agecies (cdc) and big tech facebook (meta) regarding misinformation and how to controll/censor certain topics, opinions and accounts.

floral thick paint bird circle art custom gold leaf frame beljar midway utah original oil

more info on this painting, "tenderly"

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bennett art prize (portraiture of women by women art prize grant scholarship) due oct. 7, 2022: call for entries closes 11:59 p.m. (mst)
artists soar podcast episode # 53 "multiple artist streams for artists" (scroll down to listen to episode on this page)
alma 39:14 & 15 
the highwire episode 287: a second opinion (scroll down to watch on this page)
tucker carlson & tony bobulinsky interview 3 (scroll down to watch on this page)
joe rogan & mark zuckerberg on fbi censorship, facebook, free speech (scroll down to watch on this page)

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