an art trunk or treat, sonja solbakken’s grand opening, how to avoid being a starving artist with the profit first method and a red pill about our earth

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CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 213: 
do you love the byu moa as i do?! i have so many sweet memories that began in college and later spilled into visits with our kiddos. this next week i’ll be participating in their “Halloween Art CARnival” – an art trunk or treat of sorts – Monday October 24th at 6 pm. Also, a beautiful new home, design, textile, art & apparel shop has opened in Salt Lake with a Scandi vibe full of goodness. is the “starving artist” thing real?! unfortunately, yes. there are lots of ways to avoid it, being more organized, time-conscious, intentional with the events we participate in, making sure our pricing ensures profitability – there’s also a “profit first” method that is helping carl and i with our businesses and i think it’s another sure way to avoiding the unsuccessful mindset and lifestyle. finally, a red pill on our earth – a list of topics you can check out.

byu museum of art - halloween CARnival monday october 24th 6 pm in the museum parking lot
sonja solbakken - new home, apparel, design & art shop in salt lake
“i want to break free” song by queen #39 in playlist below
profit first method & website
profit first book
profit first nation podcast

RED PILL topics to research

  • the antarctic treaty
  • admiral bird
  • operation fishbowl
  • firmament in genesis, moses & abraham
  • tower of babel
  • rainbows
  • the great flood

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