artist instagram accounts stolen, jenna kutcher’s latest tips on email list marketing for artists & entrepreneurs, swiss days studio visit appointments & a red pill on potential dangers of ESG

Handmade frames utah county todd orchard artist
custom frame by todd orchard & portrait by melissa colton
CANDYcolored studio podcast EPISODE #206: have you ever had your instagram, email or another online account hacked & held for ransom? A couple of artist friends had just that happen to them recently. it's a great reminder that we don't OWN our instagram accounts or any of our social media accounts. it honestly makes me wonder if i own my emails in my gmail account. one more reason to put some effort and time into our email lists! hear all about jenna kutcher's latest episode #588 on email list marketing, why you need an email list and the potential benefits. make sure to reach out by emailing me to make a studio appointment during "midway swiss days" the friday & saturday of labor day weekend (september 2nd & 3rd). the red pill for the week is a deeper dive into ESG and possible unwanted possibilities that befall companies being directed by its program. in my episode show notes you can listen to recent talks by mel k and glenn beck that talk about ESG etc.
watch/listen to mel k below (minute 36 is where she talks about ESG)
next listen to glenn beck & his constitutional expert friend david barton (i've skipped the video 1 hour in where mike lee introduces glenn)

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Custom frame utah county todd orchard artist Custom frame utah county todd orchard artist
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