candy colored studio episode #52: 2019 - my art year in review

do you ever look back at your year and take a minute to write down the highs, the lows, the biggest lesson learned and hopes for the future?! here is my version of that in my art journey for 2019. you'll hear about my top 3 things that were the most exciting or had the biggest impact on my success this year. i also share a humbling story of my greatest failure...that in turn, has become the biggest lesson learned in my art biz this year. i'll share shows i participated in, new things tried, outreach opportunities (and how it's actually terrifying for me at times lol), marketing breakthroughs and stats...yes...everything numbers. you'll also get a peek into things i'm looking forward to in 2020 and things i'm working on changing in my art biz. 

how about you?! i'd love to hear:

1. your "top 3" things that you found most exciting or beneficial in 2019?

2. your greatest lesson learned in 2019?

3. what are you looking forward to most in 2020?

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