candy colored studio episode #54 - our family's last decade: 10 topics and the lessons we've learned

it's crazy to look back at all that has happened over the past decade within our lil' family of 7. in this episode i talk about 10 topics and lessons we've learned this past decade: from our family dynamic, secondary infertility, having twins, building a home, our family's health, parenting, homeschool, owning our own businesses, traveling as a family, losing friends and family, celebrating the marriages of our sisters, to our spiritual service, journey, & questions.

here are some of the episodes i mentioned if you'd like to hear more deeply about these topics:

05. opportunities & constraints - learning from my daughter

08. our family’s homeschool experience

13. our family's first week in france

15. weeks 2 & 3 in the southwest of france

17. france trip: answered questions, what we gave up to spend a month in france

22. our secondary infertility journey, also: 15 years learning, serving & sacrificing together

33. being an artist mama of twins - 10 things that surprised us

35. carl berg: when to hire an employee & how to solve pain points in your biz by learning from other professions

47. a rare bone disease and learning to look at the heart

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