candy colored studio episode #56 - the campbell collective - amanda louise & marquin: business, friendship, and the intersection of their art and interior design journeys

could you be biz partners with one of your best friends? have you ever had an epic collaboration and wish it had turned into something more? meet the lovely ladies of the campbell collective: interior designer amanda louise and artist marquin campbell. these lovely ladies share their creative journeys, what it takes to come together professionally and as friends (boundaries, expectations, honesty, understanding), what they give up to follow their passions, their schooling journeys, advice for creatives just getting started, authentically navigating social media, how their young children fit into it all, their unsung hero husbands and more. 

***this is my first interview that we recorded video as well, and it is a total treat. i recommend watching the’ll also get a peek into their studio and some of the artwork currently for sale. 

my “paris flower shop” popup launches at the campbell collective thursday january 30th...just in time for valentine gifting for someone you adore (or tell your loved one they are off the hook and snag one for yourself!)

katrina’s paris flower shop collection (shop opens thursday at 8:30 am EST)

the campbell collective (sign up for their email list)
amanda louise interiors 
marquin designs

the campbell collective UPCOMING EVENTS
floral pop-up: new floral works by TCC artists
in person event
129 capers st. - greenville SC 29605
february 6th (4-8pm) 

works from the campbell collective
lauren robbins interiors
1001 hickman rd, augusta GA 30904
february 27th (4-8pm)

ig: the campbell collective

    amanda louise interiors
    marquin campbell

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floral oil paintings on papaer

paris store front oil paintings on paper

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