candy colored studio episode #57 - building our quirky green modern concrete home

have you built a home before? this episode is all about building our quirky modern green concrete home. my husband carl and i had met in architecture school, so it was a big dream...he had just started his own landscape architecture firm, i was painting away, we had 3 littles and were in the middle of our miscarriage streak...but we wanted to build a home on a tight budget that could fit our growing family. when we found old homes we loved, they seemed to need too much to create the spaces we really wanted, so we started looking at empty lots, hired an architect and gave him our paper plans i’d been sketching for years. as with most home builds, we hit lots of roadblocks and learned so very invaluable lessons. we thrifted and salvaged sinks, doors, furniture, left out cabinetry, and phased the building so that we could keep our mortgage as low as possible. there are some unique things as well: a greenhouse attached to the kitchen, a couch and reading area in the kitchen, a bridge, storefront commercial windows, concrete and cork flooring, no AC, no traditional heat, a wood-burning stove, radiant heat, etc...and we’re still working on it all lol. 

concrete footings for modern home

leaf imprint and rebar on concrete wall

crane installing tilt up concrete wall with leaf imprints

crane installing tilt-up concrete walls for modern utah home

modern concrete utah home

MOD.D Modern Detail architect todd drennan

public surplus

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