candy colored studio episode #71 - 10 ways to thrive instead of simply surviving the wake of the coronavirus


with all the everywhere are being cancelled, kids are coming home from school, fear is in the air, and it seems like things will never be normal again...

despite it all here are 10 ways we can thrive instead of merely've got this!!!

10 ways to thrive instead of simply survive in the wake of the coronavirus

  1. INDULGE - tai chi, walks, good book, music, newport & home hand soap
  2. SIMPLIFY - figure out what matters most and put energy there
  3. TAKE TIME for LOVED ONES - i feel deep inside that this is our heavenly father & mother’s way of inviting us to focus on the things and people that matter most. take the time to nurture and grow these relationships.
  4. EMBRACE THE OPPORTUNITY - what is the universe offering me? what can i learn and how can i become my best self through this opportunity?
  5. VIRTUAL CONNECTION - online meetings and anything else we can do online will make a huge difference
  6. AWARENESS - seek to be more intuitive and look beyond ourselves...share goodness with those around us
  7. ACKNOWLEDGE FEAR - instead of running away from it, learn from it and push past to get ourselves to the next level
  8. TRANSFORM - find a new way to serve your people. how can you evolve your biz and take it to the next level?
  9. FAST - have you heard of fasting for a cause or intermittent fasting (not eating between meals)?
  10. LEARN a NEW TRICK - working on a new passion or project or just simply researching...what can we do during this new WINTER in our life? what can we create and what can we learn? instead of fighting this WINTER, let’s learn and become something new!

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