candy colored studio episode #94 - allowing for potential

not long ago, i was driving my oldest to an early-morning practice. it was dark out and we had a good chat those few minutes to the high school. after he got out, i had a wave of emotions flow over me and i drove the way home crying. parenting is so hard, humbling and each sweet soul needs something completely different -- but one thing is for sure...we all have infinite potential and need to have room to reach it. i’ll share a few very personal experiences in this episode as well as one that happened recently in our community. i also share background on my latest painting i’m working on that is 40x60”.

dear peaking through window

episode 29: cindy eggertz - finding joy and peace in a fairy business while navigating depression

barbara young artist

“rouge” art show at the bountiful davis art center august 7 - sept 29

quote by pope francis: “true peace is not a balance of opposing forces, and it is not ‘a lovely façade’ simply covering conflicts and divisions. rather, peace calls for daily commitment -- it's homemade -- starting from God's gift, from the grace which he has given us in Jesus Christ.”

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  • I’m sending you so much LOVE❤️ Thank you for your beautiful words and feelings that bubbled to the surface many times in this podcast. Oh how life can hurt and be joyous. I’m a really good listener so please know I’m here for you. I got a bit tearful when you mentioned me. You know I feel this kinship for you. I’m blessed to enjoy your beautiful friendship. Sure love you❤️

    Barb Young

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