candy colored studio podcast ep. 163 - eve, asherah & the great red pill

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the latest certain women art show is up and this year’s edition is all about our heavenly mother. in this episode, i’m sharing my statement and a little about the creation of this painting. I’ll also talk about red pills, a scene from the first matrix movie and how it applies to eve, her choice, our choices and our current quest for truth.


certain women show till saturday november at anthony’s fine art, 401 E 200 S, slc, utah
melinda brown’s book & podcast interview eve & adam: discovering the beautiful balance
Blue Pill or Red Pill - The Matrix (2/9) Movie CLIP (1999) HD

eve asherah painting heavenly mother tree of life lds artist certain women katrina berg

 eve asherah painting heavenly mother tree of life lds artist certain women katrina berg

eve asherah painting heavenly mother tree of life lds artist certain women katrina berg

eve & asherah (a mother & daughter portrait)
28x36" oval oil on wood (38x47 w/frame)

original available at the certain women art show at anthony’s fine art

throughout time, the special mother-daughter relationship has been spoken of, explored, and noted. it can be an unbreakable bond, a true example of loyalty, love & friendship. there's a beautiful “give & take” of learning, teaching, trust & honor. this piece explores some of these ideas but also dives deeper into the even more noteworthy relationship between our heavenly mother and her first earthly daughter. what were their conversations like in the garden? what did eve most desperately want to learn in those tender moments? how did they grow together?

my asherah series depicts an ancient symbol of our heavenly mother: our beloved tree of life; its branches bursting with life, light & creation. in this piece, flowers were carefully chosen to symbolize traits & virtues we attribute to our heavenly mother & the mother of all living -- those that we may also cultivate as we seek to know and understand them better. 

flower symbol key
violets - faith & love
lotus - fertility, christ’s living waters, purity, rebirth
hydrangea - love
gerber daisy - purity
solomon’s seal - wisdom
bird of paradise - immortality
oranges - the sun (son), fertility, good luck & new year (new beginnings), weddings, divinity, royalty
ceibo - bravery
daffodil - rebirth, new beginnings, peacefulness of mind
peony - dignity, honor, compassion
cherry blossom - feminine power, beauty, love, spring & renewal & rebirth, a metaphor for human life, mortality
apple blossoms - self improvement, create the happiness & journey you desire (agency)
orchids - blood of christ
rose - love & remembrance

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