candy colored studio podcast episode #124 - melody newey johnson: nurse, poet & her manuscript: “an imperfect roundness”

melody newey johnson and i first met at art & soup a couple years ago. What fun when we realized she and her husband would be building a home in midway...just down the street from our home! we stayed in touch and i’ve loved getting to know she and her family through instagram. she came to visit my studio one day and we chatted about her poetry collection a painting celebrating “an imperfect roundness”, and had the most wonderful deep chat about so many other things. you’ll not only hear about this beautiful collection, but you’ll get to hear melody read to you several of the poems. to say it was the loveliest fireside chat i’ve experienced is an understatement. 

note: there is a bonus at the end of the podcast version of this episode where melody describes one of her past writing projects: “people of frontrunner”...enjoy hearing about that project & her plans to expand it. also, i mistakenly called “ulysses” “oedipus” as we talked about the odyssey, avoiding the sirens, and hearing a “sweeter song”. it’s been a while since i’ve dove into mythology...definitely time for a refresh ;)

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people of frontrunner
elizabeth gilbert’s big magic


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