candy colored studio podcast episode #127 - tara “teaspoon” bench: forging an unseen path, pivoting, & all about her cookbook, “live life deliciously”

meet my beautiful friend tara! (tara & i met in the dorms our freshman year at brigham young university -- you’ll hear all about a wild prank my roommates & i played on some of the freshman guys that tara and i that we have kept secret till i shared it with tara in our chat, lol!) known online as “tara teaspoon”, tara shares all about her unconventional path as a culinary enthusiast that took her to work as a food stylist for martha stewart living and later as the food editor at the ladies home journal. there’s so much great advice in here for all creatives & those of us pursuing our dreams & passions. you’ll hear the ups and downs of writing her first cookbook: live life deliciously, making her way in a seemingly undercover career, supporting other companies and her current and anything-but-undercover role of building her own brand c. truly, the learning has not stopped for tara...her gifts, tenacity, and warm personality will not only inspire you to create new yummy creations in your kitchen, but also encourage you to do the work needed (yes, even start from the bottom) to create that life you know in your heart is there for you. enjoy!!!

*** since this episode, tara has a 2nd book out (it is ever so wonderful!!!) click on the book or links for that too.

tara teaspoon recipe book 2 gatherings feeding large groups

(recipes mentioned: soft gingersnaps with orange cream cheese, coconut lime cookies, parmesan & herb white bean dip, butter board with baguettes, cheese-and-herb potato gratin, thai meatball golden coconut curry, marvelously easy thai peanut curry)

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tara teaspoon live life deliciously soft gingersnaps orange cream cheese

lime coconut cookies tara teaspoon live life deliciously

soft gingersnaps orange cream cheese live life deliciously tara teaspoon

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