candy colored studio podcast episode #133 - listen, get out of their way, and cheer them on! (our little and young humans)

just as i finished recording, the twins were coming in the door...big twin sat to take off his shoes and asked me, “mom, can i talk to you?” oh how i love those words. they are like tender treasures. absolutely, i want them to talk with me, share their joys and sorrows. i want to listen to their sweet little souls to know what they need, and how to better love & support them. this episode is all about listening to these incredible tiny to young humans...getting out of their way, and cheering them on (mostly talking about the little people and the youth in our lives). i don’t have all the answers. but i have thoughts -- and as you can imagine -- a lot of them lol. i have memories...experiences of my own, and some of friends that i love and admire. together, may we allow them to change, heal, and elevate our homes, communities, and world!

candace mclane art
happier with grechen rubin (podcast)
the four tendencies by gretchen rubin (book)

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