candy colored studio podcast episode #142 - it's never too late to prepare or think outside the box

with everything still seeming to be upside down, it can feel like starting or growing a business right now is the worst idea. there are definitely potential roadblocks, but i would say that no matter how uncertain or bleak things look, it’s never too late to prepare or think outside the box. in this episode you’ll find 10 ways for entrepreneurs to prepare for changes in life, the economy etc. also, things to consider when you really do feel like you’re too late. i’ll share things that have helped my art biz as well as my husband carl’s landscape architecture firm. you’ve got this!


35: carl berg: when to hire an employee & how to solve pain points in your biz by learning from other professions

episode 24 - feeling successful in your creative biz at 85% less stress more joy
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