candy colored studio podcast episode 16: art making questions answered part i

the first part in a series answering questions sent in by new instagram artist friend crystal (@crystalsartroom)


local resources & art community support

inspiration ease & how to know what to paint

communicating inspiration & meaning in your artwork

commissions & custom order process

books & resources for artists mentioned in this episode...

local resources: springville museum of art

creative collaborative

midway artist association

park city professional artist association

kimball arts center

kimball arts festival summit arts council


starving to successful by jason horejs

how to sell art by jason horejs

art inc. by lisa congdon

xanadu gallery scottsdale

podcasts i love:

danielle krysa the jealous curator, art for your ears podcast

positively creative podcast by dorothy collier

the progress project podcast by laura farr & kristin brown

the influencer podcast by julie solomon

raw milk podcast by beth kirby

the goal digger podcast by jenna kutcher

online marketing made easy with amy porterfield podcast

projectme podcast with tiffany carter

biz consultant:

laura c george

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