candy colored studio podcast episode #177 - adam & eve: the fall...or was it?!

eve garden of eden asherah tree of life art oil painting

"eve & asherah [a mother-daughter portrait]" 28x36 oil on wood

let's chat about all things adam & eve, how we can learn from their journey and what blessings do we enjoy because of their Fall? i've been researching across different of christian thoughts as well as from a messianic jewish perspective too. so many different feelings and impressions...some scientific, some symbolic...all led me to deeper possibilities -- ultimately, making the old testament feel alive and new in a way.

dwelling place (pastor andrew billings) - full episode below
moses chapter 3
moses chapter 4
moses chapter 5
dr. valerie hudson - "the lady of the temple" full episode below
melinda brown - eve and adam discovering the beautiful balance episode #64
genesis and genetics - "adam's  rib"
genesis and genetics - "eve's dna"
dallin h. oaks - "the great plan of happiness"
commentary pearl of great price - george reynolds & janne m sjodahl
a handbook on the jewish roots of the christian faith - craig a. evans & david mishkin


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