candy colored studio podcast episode 187: music in the studio, inspiring paintings and titles for paintings (hear my collection playlists)

where do you find daily inspiration?!! music is such a favorite go-to in the CANDYcolored studio. hear how it influences my paintings and the titles of the pieces. listen to my favorite songs and singers that make my heart sing as i work away. you’ll find my amazon playlists and a couple on spotify as well. enjoy!! (scroll down to listen to all my playlists on spotify & amazon)

fashion artwork oil painting

(click to see more of the fashion + salon series)

art auction the early light institute preschool scholarship

"you make me feel so young" (bid on @theearlylightinstitute april 8th - 15th)

art auction @theearlylightinstitute
fashion & salon ladies series
french painting playlist collection
2018 painting playlist collection
2019 painting playlist collection
2020 painting playlist collection
2021 painting playlist collection
2022 painting playlist collection
“art en français” (my french painting playlist on spotify)
‘22 painting playlist on spotify
'23 painting playlist on spotify
shawn whalen of lions not sheep
endgame series by patrick  


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