candy colored studio podcast episode #19 - why i create: stories of abuse & the desire to create safe places for others; sweetness amidst the dark & hard

i know too well that life isn't always jolly. soo many hard things in my life have left a desire to create safe environments, places where burdens can be lifted and comfort can be found. hear about one specific experience i encountered, as well as some recent experiences with collectors and my artwork.

***while this episode does not contain explicit language, there are hard things discussed in this episode. the words "sexual abuse" & "sexual assault" are used in this episode, so either put in some earbuds, or be prepared to have a heart-to-heart with your tweens/teens (which is always a good thing right?!)

i speak candidly, and in a very raw way about some of the abusive things that i have experienced in life, how these hard things have shaped my outlook and desire to make places of safety for my family, loved ones, friends, and collectors. i also speak about my lifelong quest and desire to embrace the good, the beautiful, and the divine.


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