candy colored studio podcast episode #21: andrea holmes - accessing the world of art markets, studio spaces, while being a mother artist

meet texas fine artist andrea holmes, painter of birds, vintage still lifes, paintings with patterns, texture, and joy!  she shares her artist journey, how to sell at markets, the ins and outs of having two studios and searching for another. enjoy all her goodness!


instagram: @aholmesartstudio


festivals/ art shows

where to find them:

  • direct access to buyers and their information.
  • large numbers of people in one place
  • large amount in sales
  • residual sales & custom orders
  • gain new followers
  • you keep all the profits 

  • participation can be expensive. $300 and up + travel expenses.

  • weather
  • theft
  • long hours
  • set-up and breakdown can be physically demanding
  • investment in display and tent can be costly
  • wear & tear. Work can be damaged in transportation.
  • requires physical inventory
  • seasonal


  • research festival reputation. how many people attend? how long have they been around?
  • plan in advance. applications are usually due 6-8 months before the show.
  • start with smaller, indoor shows.
  • make sure to have a great booth shot.
  • keep your display clean and not too overwhelming.
  • offer a variety of price points.

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