candy colored studio podcast episode 50 - stephanie hock: making the most of your unique creative journey, where to start organizing


meet my friend stephanie hock! shortly after having our twins and jumping back into my art career, i met steph via instagram. soon we were meeting up with other painting gals regularly, swapping art hacks, tools, and forming great friendships. we've planned and participated in shows together and steph has been a great supporter to so many of us. 

one of the most interesting things about steph is that she attended several schools and art programs, she's also taken workshops and has so many things she's learned on her atypical art journey. if you've ever felt like you took a wrong turn or wondered why your route looks so different, you'll love hearing from steph. mother of 4 (including twins), steph is a great example of how you can give up some things to achieve something more. we joke as friends that steph is our most organized art friend. she share some organizational ideas for those just getting started. enjoy!

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