CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 205: swiss days info, 10 tips for artists when pricing & increasing the value of your work, and 7 ways to stop financially supporting corruption

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“midway swiss days” is just 2 weeks away! email me to make an appointment and visit the CANDYcolored studio during swiss days. how can you be consistent with your pricing while also solidifying & increasing the value of your work for your collectors? we’ll chat about the importance of set pricing, a price list, educating yourself and others about the value of your work. corruption in our lives – have you been smelling anything fishy?! if you are and would like to do something about it, we’ll also chat about 3 ways you can make a difference and 7 ways to stop “feeding the beast”!!

Fusion mineral chalk milk paint natural diy
Swiss sunday bread braided
Braided swiss sunday bread
EMAIL ME to set up an appointment to visit the CANDYcolored studio during swiss days (friday september 2nd and saturday september 3rd)

fusion mineral paint - similar to chalk & milk paint
midway swiss days info
azure standard - bulk buy organic & natural
dr. bronner’s - castile soap, body soap, lip balm, cleaner, etc. (when i went to find this link i discovered they now have “hair creme” which is a conditioner…i just ordered some & will let you know what i think!)
vermont soap - castile, body soap, bars, foaming, spray, pet shampoo, laundry, cleanser etc.
dr. jacob’s - castile, body, prego belly paste, pet care, home care, bug spray etc.
camp wander - essential oil blends, salves (we use after we’re in the sun & to replace lotion)
desert essence - hair, skin, body, deodorant, toothpaste, oil blends, etc.
earthpaste by redmond salt (toothpaste) they have lots of clay/sea salt based products
dr. schmidt’s deodorant - we love the charcoal line
nourish deodorant
norwex - natural home from norway (i have friends who are distributors in utah & idaho ifyou’d like their contact info…also there are lots of similar companies out there now too, one i love that my cousin in switzerland shared with me is jemako, which is in germany)
greenwill soap nuts - we buy these on amazon but there are lots of great companies out there who also sell soap berries
borax laundry booster in bulk
arnica - natural pain relief (it’s not a brand, so there are lots of companies/types you can get here are a couple we like:
arnica gel - muscle & pain relief
jr. watkins - muscle relief spray (to replace icy hot etc.) we found this recently in florida while anneclaire was at her nationals conference/competition and dancing to the max. she loves it!
arnica pellets by boiron - dissolve under-the-tongue wonders
hyland’s teething tablets
***totally forgot to mention amber necklaces & bracelets for teething (garrett & our twins slept and bathed in them…wore them at all times) 
gripe water for colic, gas etc.
knix and thinx period underwear - the first two companies i knew about and tried (there are so many great companies & products out there now
lola organic tampons

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