episode 204 - tips to avoid burnout as an artist from our artist panel ladies: artists soar (jules mccullough, rachel harchanko & stephanie weaver), the inspired painter with jessica libor & the CANDYcolored studio of oil painter katrina berg

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5 artists who also podcast come together for our very first “pod-sisters” panel! this episode is all about tips to avoid burnout as artists. you’ll hear a brief intro to each artist, as well as what we’ve been working on in our studios (and even outside our studios!)  jules talks about the importance of having personal projects and examples of some that she’s pursued. rachel reminds us how vital it is to connect with other artists outside our studio and support one another in a way only fellow artists can. stephanie shares about her latest sabbatical and the benefits a regular sabbatical can bring to your art practice and personal well being. jessica just returned from a month in france & shares how to take a break from the admin side of your art biz and return to your studio refreshed, invigorated, and ready to tackle all your new ideas. katrina invites us to empower the word “NO” – how using it intentionally gives us the time & space to create in our studio, and embrace the “YESes” we really want to have in our professional and personal lives. in the links below, find an article by stephanie with 3 more ways to overcome creative burnout. (you’ll also find recent episodes of each of the podcasts embedded in my show notes at katrinaberg.com), enjoy!!!

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  • Oh Rachel it was such a great session! Thanks for all you do for our community!! xoxo

  • This was so fun to record. Thank you so much Katrina. You are the BEST!


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