jamie harmon’s guided journal for girls: my divine identity

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CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 214:
we’ve been counseled repeatedly that it is crucial that we gain our own testimony of jesus christ in order to withstand the difficulties of our day. one small but mighty part of that -- is to better understand who we are – that we are divine children of heavenly parents – with great potential and an eternal destiny. discovering our spiritual gifts and talents will help us not only remember who we are, what we can become, but it will help us be there for others as they too seek to better understand their divine identity. “my divine identity” is a guided journal for girls, and a wonderful tool with 7 principles for women of all ages and places in life - it will help you better support the girls and young women around you. hear all about jamie’s journey & the process of creating this book. she openly shares her heart, offers suggestions for writers, and has some amazing opportunities coming soon for women. enjoy!!
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