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lovebirds to be auctioned at fundraiser for Fight the New Drug

Have you heard of Fight the New Drug?! They are making tremendous headway in our local schools teaching that #pornkillslove inviting teenagers to make informed decisions armed with science, personal accounts, logic & awareness. Their call to action in Utah declaring pornography a public health crisis resulted in 6 other states following suit. 👊
Our family has personally been affected by the damages of pornography: love in relationships & marriage strangled & utterly destroyed.
I feel there is just too much good in this world -- too many good things to do & enjoy to be bothered with it. We need more lovebirds to take its place. 
"Lovebirds" [11x14 oil] will be auctioned at their fundraising event Wednesday June 20th at 7pm at the Scera theater in Orem.
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