midway art association's wasatch plein air paradise 2019 (katrina's latest landscape paintings)

"love is here to stay", 12" circle, oil on wood, named after the song by harry connick jr.

each summer our lil' mountain town of midway, utah holds a plein air event that draws over 100 local utah artists as well as some from neighboring states. "plein air" painting has been done through the ages, but for me, it was the impressionists that made it more well known and poplular.

painting "en plein air" or in the open air, has it's own challenges: the wind, the sun and light changing rapidly, the bugs...oh the bugs! i love shadows and so i have to commit to those or i get distracted and find myself confused as honestly all shadows and the colors changing from the light are so fun to paint. the hardest thing with the wind can be the seeds and pieces of nature that tend to fly into the paint at inopportune times. so you'll find me positioning my car so that i'm out of the wind and sun. sunstroke can hit too quickly as i was reminded last month, so during this event i stayed out of the weather as much as possible.

it's fun to live so close and be able to run home and take breaks, but i do need to make sure i have enough energy to jump back into being mom & spouse as soon as i return. 

so many of the same artists return year after year and that is also so fun. i make new artist friends each year & discover new favorite paintings. it is a huge event with 2 weeks of painting & 7 ways to participate. 

a big shoutout to the midway art association team. they are simply a dream team with president jerry, his secretary norma, larry, cindy, bill, and so many more delightful supporters of the arts. special thanks to everyone who helped make this year and years past such a sucess! click on any of the photos to see more details and framing for each of these pieces.

hoping your 4th was fantastic. i'm excited to get back to the normal workings in the studio lol. text or email me if you'd like to come for a studio visit and see these in person. xo, katrina (435.709.2780 || k@katrinaberg.com)


"i belong to you", 12" circle, oil on wood, named after the song by caro emerald


"morceau d'amour", 20" circle, oil on wood, named after the song by nouvelle vauge & mahala rai banda

"june pies", 8x10 oil on wood,custom gold-leafed frame

"lola's", 9x12 oil on wood,custom gold-leafed frame

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