no more frumpy temple bags, pretty bags for all!

The kiddos and I have been excited to see the new version of Mary Poppins that will be out this holiday season. We're big Mary Poppins fans...I mean, anyone who can turn a tea party into a float-on-the-ceiling shebang, a walk through the park on a rainy day into a carnival musical, and chimneys the most amazing adventure...I want in! I'm pretty sure all my nanny aspirations came from watching her as a child. 

As Carl and I were finishing a session last week, I realized we were following a convoy of sorts leaving, all carrying their carpet bags (and nothing close to the classy carpet bag that Mary carried lol). I simply couldn't help but giggle. My fairy friend Cindy had bought one of my statement bags at Swiss Days to use as her temple bag. I realized that I'd been carrying the frumpiest bag into the most beautiful place. Thanks to Cindy, I finally have a bag fit for the occasion!


Speaking of fitting, it even fits into the locker, happy day! If you're looking for an upgrade to your temple visit, here are the statement bags in my shop:



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