painting playlist

At the beginning of the year, I made a commitment to spend more time listening and enjoying my favorite music.  As I've tried each day to make time for the music that truly lifts my soul, I began using the songs and titles in my artwork.  Each painting of 2018 {so far lol} is named after a song and singer I love.  Last week I compiled as many as I could into an Amazon Music Playlist.  You can listen to the first 20 songs here.

Here is my daughter's favorite 2018 painting:

"something more" 16x20 oil on wood, named after the song by Emilie Simone.

She sings:

I would be your eyes so you can see the morning light
The world around me
And the day we'll feel to tired I'd close my eyes
And keep you in my heart
I know there's something more

Here's another favorite:

"quelqu'un qui ma dit" 12" oil on wood, named after the song by Carla Bruni.

Email me at and tell me what songs you'd like to see inspire my to all! xo ~ katrina

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