#paintingbeynac france trip 2018

Last month, I traveled to the Dordogne region of France to paint for a week with 8 other artists (most of whom I met on instagram). We left supportive husbands, 36 kiddos and a couple grandkiddos. We painted, explored, ate, giggled, and painted some more.

Listen to more about the trip: details, gear, suggestions and more on my new podcast (Yes! I started my very own podcast!): "the candy colored studio". There, you'll also hear a studio update giving info on local as well as online shows this month. 

In France I started new landscape, floral, and Paris storefront series. Each named after a favorite song in French. I've started a new amazon playlist with the songs for which the series paintings are named.

These new French paintings will debut at the 1.3.5 Show at the Utah Art Market November 10th as well as an online sale November 20th with my French painting friends. (To get a direct link once it launches, make sure you're on my email list).

If you're interested in joining a group to take a painting trip, email me at k@katrinaberg.com ;)

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