supporting living artists at local seasonal art markets, a joe rogan red pill on forgiveness & 26 things i don’t do to make time to paint

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 CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 219:  

are you a frequenter of art & etsy style markets? we have some really great ones in northern utah – my favorites are the utah art market and the beehive bazaar. collectors can discover new local artists by enjoying these handmade market venues. a red pill based on a recent joe rogan podcast interview with bret weinstein that asks us if we have a line for forgiveness and if we've come to terms with our choices. and my latest list of things i’m avoiding so that i have time to paint. sometimes the best way to get more time to do the things we really want to be doing is to minimize what we’re committing to do – asking ourselves, do i REALLY have to do this? what would happen if i didn’t do it?!

26 things i don't do (or rarely do):

  1. volunteer at school
  2. volunteer for extra at church
  3. extravagant dinners
  4. instead - weekly dinner together on sunday
  5. make the kids' lunches
  6. iron & mending
  7. the kids' laundry
  8. dishes (except once a week)
  9. household chores alone (family systems)
  10. extensive hygiene routine & visits to salon etc.
  11. big birthdays
  12. intense christmas giving
  13. overly done holidays
  14. routine doctor visits
  15. shopping
  16. kid activities (very simplified)
  17. back-to-school shopping
  18. regular lunches with friends
  19. non-family/kid events
  20. phone chats
  21. marco polo
  22. social media
  23. group texts
  24. gym
  25. travel without family
  26. eat 3x a day
large floral bird thick oil paint artist katrina berg palette knife candy color
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