swiss days labor day weekend!

Swiss Days!

For the past 13 years, Carl and I have loved helping at the food booths in Swiss Days...scone dough, ham & swiss sandwiches, fruit and Heber Valley curd cheese, bratzlie cookies, braided swiss bread and of course "kraut-pounding" sauerkraut in the knockwurst booth. Our older kids soon joined in and they take up residence that weekend helping at the front with drinks and at the tiller.

This year I was finally brave enough (or crazy enough lol). To prepare a vendor booth of my own! Carl & the big kids have been amazing, helping me package, design and prepare. Come and join us if you're in Utah!

Swiss Days at Midway Town Square
Friday Aug 31st and Saturday Sept 1st 
8 am to 8 pm 
booth #B47 

Looking forward to giving you all a huge hug! If you've never been to Swiss Days before, the crowds are considerably less in the afternoon and evenings ;). 

Much love to all!  


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