exploring "divine quietness" with author emily robison adams

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CANDYcolored studio episode #228:
what a gift to spend time with appellate lawyer, mother of 3, and author emily adams! if you've ever wondered if your prayers aren't being answered the way you would like or thought they should be answered -- if you've ever felt like your relationship with God has been stifled -- if you've ever felt like your framework of faith is being tested or is crumbling...emily's experiences and resources will not only remind you that you're not alone, but you will be invited to get uncomfortable, face your doubts and fears, and will offer tools to help you move through this experience with greater confidence, hope and ultimately, peace. many have written about faith journeys, spiritual questions and even faith crises -- most are presented after the author's "trail of faith" and successful conclusion. emily courageously offers her perspective, raw feelings of angst and hope, and the desire for more in the earliest stages of her doubts and questioning. her vulnerability reminds us that this is part of the human experience -- a spiritual journey -- and that while we may not all face these spiritual challenges in the same way, it's actually more common than we have been told, and can be a powerful way to reinforce the faith and testimony that we currently have. sometimes that requires uncomfortable reexamining of our tradition, culture, and supposed beliefs. we may even have to tear down some of the framework in our testimony to rediscover our foundation of faith in God. what can be extremely painful and triggering as we go about our usual routine and participate in traditional worship, as we wrestle or sit with God -- wait upon the Lord -- allow His omniscience and deep desire for our ultimate growth and happiness, we can find ourselves closer each day to the truth, peace and joy we're so earnestly seeking. so many thanks to emily for so bravely sharing her experience and the skills she's gathering to help her continue on this noble quest. enjoy!