the 100 dollar show at the springville museum of art 2019!

so who’s coming to the 100 dolla holla?!

thursday december 5th

6:30 - 8 pm

springville museum


this is my 5th time doing the 100 dollar show! it gets more exciting every year as new artists participate, some return, it's always an amazing group! this year there will be 30+ incredible local artists in the loveliest of places surrounded by the most stunning art, and run by the coolest of museum cool cats. 


i'll be bringing mini gold framed circles that look so much like my big ones. they each come with a mini easel! 


and now a lil’ FAQ for you lovely friends you:


Q: “should i come early?!”

A: sure, but keep in mind that there are 20 originals per artist so plenty to go around. every year i’ve been able to snag amazing pieces at the very end 

Q: “is it as crazy as they make it sound?!”

A: it is truly an exciting first 20 minutes...but if you get anxiety with rushing and such (like me lol), wait till after 7 to arrive...the line and rush will be over and you can stroll the museum and see all the lovelies at your own pace. 

Q: “what kind of payments are accepted?!”

A: it’s totally up to the artists...however most of us will have card readers & can take cash, checks & even venmo. 

Q: “what if i’m out-of-town or even out-of-state?! how can I purchase?!”

A: i‘ve never sold all 20 at the show and usually paint extras so I can offer them to my SWEETlist {aka my email list} the next day. if there’s anything left I’ll let you know her on ig. if you’d like to be on my SWEETlist signup with my profile link or dm me your email and i’ll add you. I can’t speak for all artists but reach out to those you’re sad you missed and learn their plan.

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