tik tok tips for artists, utah art market online shop, artist press opportunities and the arrival of red heifers in isreal

CANDYcolored studio podcast episode 210: 
there’s a new podcast out there for artists: the successful artist by alyssa weyland! in episode 3 she interviews ryan robinson about her viral videos on tik tok, strategies, suggestions – one of which is for the negative comments & haters on social media platforms. for collectors: the utah art market is now not just selling artwork on ig stories after the show but you can purchase work directly from their website. mark your calendar if you’d like to attend this year’s 100 dollar show at the springville museum — it’s always such a fun event. for artists, we’ll discuss a few open calls for art magazines and their email lists you might want to subscribe to. and finally, who are the 5 texas red heifers that have recently arrived in israel? what is their importance to their community and christians around the world?
*** opening night for "doorways to divinity" (women's life show) is friday november 4th 6 to 9 pm at writ & vision as part of provo's monthly art stroll

the show will be up till november 29th, reach out to writ & vision to purchase directly. 274 west center street provo. open tues - fri 4 to 8 pm, saturday 12 to 8 pm

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