upcoming art auctions, jenna kutcher suggests 5 questions to ask ourselves, learning new ways to renew my sacrament coventant, forgive & meaning in the jubilee

 Oval art floral birds thick oil paint artist katrina berg
CANDYcolored studio podcast episode #221:

i’m working away on my giant easter egg of a painting with all sorts of easter symbols and thoughts. i’ll leave some progess photos in the show notes. enjoy! do you listen to jenna kutcher’s goal digger podcast? she’s absolutely wonderful and has so many great suggestions in life and business. hear the 5 questions she says top business owners are asking themselves and each other – and see if they will help you too! we’re approaching spring art auction season – keep an eye out for two online art auctions where you can buy my art and so many others’ while supporting scholarships for preschool students and artists with the early light institute and vision of the arts. both april auctions will have small original works of art available. if you’re listening on spotify, you’ll find a song at the end of the episode by the bird watchers, who will be coming to the maxfield’s a-frame concerts. our red pill invite this week is to research the WEF/Global initiative’s “15 minute cities” – what are they and has your local city committed to participate? watch an interview with chelcie hope and we ARE the people talking about salt lake city, utah’s 15 minute city, “the point” that is underway. finally, i’m sharing some spiritual ah-ha!s that i’ve been experiencing lately – new ways to worship, renew my sacrament covenant and see the jewish tradition of jubilee.

 art floral birds thick oil paint artist katrina berg
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