spiritual oil paintings

life isn't always easy and jolly. for me, taking time to better understand this life journey, my purpose & divine nature, and deepening my relationship with my savior jesus christ and heavenly parents have enriched my path and given me peace along the way. many of my recent spiritual pieces include the "tree of life", which i learned through many christian, jewish, & latter-day saint scholars is an ancient symbol of our heavenly mother & our divine feminine, also called: asherah or ashera. you can hear more about my thoughts on heavenly mother in episode 25 of my CANDYcolored studio podcast.

each piece is created with so much oil paint, using brushes and palette knives. CANDYcolored oil paint that is protected with varnish to ensure it shines like stained glass for years to come.

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here are links to my latest playlists that inspired the titles of my original oil paintings: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, french

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