candy colored episode #44: podcast anniversary! - things i've learned, favorite episodes, & what to expect in season 2

it's the first anniversary of the candy colored studio! i'm thrilled to say that this experiement has been a worthwhile & joy-filled journey that i'm looking forward to continue each week with you! this episode i'll share things i've learned from podcasting this year, some of my favorite episodes, and things you can expect in the coming year. check the show notes for the links to the mentioned episodes.

episodes mentioned:

41. laura erekson atkinson - making art is a family affair, collaborating with artists & curating the certain women art show
40. mary brickey: committing to failure, reaching balance by being out of balance, & the certain women art show
39. nicole woodbury: connecting math, science, music & nature with art, and curating the certain women art show 
29. cindy eggertz: finding joy and peace in a fairy business while navigating depression
19. why i create: stories of abuse & the desire to create safe places for others; sweetness amidst the dark & hard


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