candy colored podcast episode #143 - universal laws of giving & respecting choice (part i)


"jardin d'hiver" and "hold heart" 12x12" oil on wood (1" gold sides)

*** "hold heart" will be showing at jrk gallery in provo, utah march 5th to the 26th as part of their "all shapes & sizes" show. contact savannah to purchase or click to sign up & attend the show opening. this painting is named after the song by emiliana torrini.

this is the first part of a series on giving, taking, agency...also, the similarities and differences between socialism & the united order based on a talk by marion g. romney. questions to consider: do we know of any societies free of greed & selfishness? Also, those with prevailing peace, plenty/abundance & freedom to all of its citizens? are any left unwanting? does this society promote industry, thrift, innovation & self respect?

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joe rogan interviews peter schiff ep. 1508
marion g romney's talk on socialism vs the united order
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jp sears “you’ll own nothing and be happy?! - the great reset”
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