candy colored podcast episode #147 - julia lowe: universal laws of giving & respecting choice (part iii)


this is the 3rd episode in a series about giving and choice (aka agency). you know those amazing people in your lives that help you be a better overall person, parent and/or friend?! julia is one of the those incredible people in my life. i had the impression to ask her to be part of this series because i knew she lives the principles discussed. little did i know, that her husband richard had done his dissertation on “agency” and that the two of them had studied & discussed late into the night & early mornings while he was studying and writing this dissertation. to say it has guided their marriage, parenting, friendships and personal choices is an absolute understatement. this is merely a tip of the iceberg in our journey. enjoy and wet your whistle. it’s going to be a meaningful and unforgettable journey! 

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some very sweet recent commissions, each 16x20 oil on wood. 

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