candy colored studio episode #55 - a decade in the CANDYcolored studio - 10 lessons learned

it’s quite surprising to look back at the past decade and see all that i’ve learned in my art business and career. in this episode, i’ll share 10 topics and the lessons i’ve learned. may it remind you of the lessons that you’ve learned over the past decade too. 

top 10 lessons learned: 

  1. power when participating in the artist community  - park city professional artists association, gincy plummer, alix railton, joyce baron, listen to ep. 31:  
  2. create opportunities for you & your art - wasatch back artists gallery (wba):  brent haddock, deb tolbert, carole wade, jan perkins, marilyn nielson, & janice trane, and tehmi of june pie
  3. try all the venues - kimball arts festival, ep. 36
  4. create time to create - ep. 4
  5. involve loved ones - ep. 6
  6. ask for help  
  7. priceless highs & lows
  8. run biz at 85% - ep. 24
  9. marketing 50% of the time
  10. power in diversifying - VIDA, spoonflower, CANDYbox, CANDYclub

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