candy colored studio podcast episode #141 - sisters it's our turn!

"jardin d'hiver" and "hold heart" 12x12" oil on wood (1" gold sides)

this past year we’ve faced so many things collectively. we’ve had to reevaluate our goals in life...we’ve even had to make changes. i’ve been humbled by those around me, listening to their hearts and responding to callings & passions. some of these are personal calls to attend to their make themselves a priority for the first time in a long while. others are inviting us to do small and simple things to make our communities a better place. still others are bravely asking the hard questions. whatever the call, may you find the courage to hear your heart and act, for truly, ladies and sisters, it is our turn!

ep.133 - listen, get out of their way, and cheer them on! (our little & young humans)
“an especially noble calling” by joy d jones of the primary presidency
monthly random acts of kindness day
defending utah
meeting with wasatch county sheriff rigby
wasatch back chapter of defending utah (email me if you’d like to be added to the groupme/telegram



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